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RE NEW your wardrobe
dying your natural fiber clothing
a new color or refresh old one ... see below
139 W. Richmond Ave.

Point Richmond, California 94801
510 237 1199
2-7ish (Farmers Market 2-8)
Thurs 4-7ish
Sunday 12-5
Need something at another time?
Amira can meet you Outback contact her
 e-mail: [email protected]
phone:      510-621-5022

Nataya at Harmony
Performer Tina Malia
FABULOUS SINGER loved Nataya dresses
here at Harmony Fest. Bought many for her over 100 scheduled performances!
Still many left including plus sizes
Tom & Karen
Tom and Karen
(just meeting in their new cotton shirts)
Tom's $18 (reg $59) light cotton black w/white embroidery & light blue w/indigo
Karen in one of the  many Johnny Was
$59 (reg $158)

Sun Goddesses
From Shaye's multi-media fashion show. Ode to the Japanese Sun Goddess
Aloha LoveTribe ...

The school continues to unfold in magical ways with very talented and accomplished people excited about participating. It has become clear that I need a very talented, accomplished and take charge partner to build what has the potential of being a huge and transformational project. If you know someone like this looking to make their next impact and looking for a vision to be aligned with ... send my way please.

Now onto Outback news ...

Last week I had some of the current Outback clothing, summer sweaters, tanks and stretch cord pants dyed in 5 beautiful colors ... peri, coral, brick, aqua and black.

Personally I (had) dyed an old cordoroy jacket a vibrant periwinkle blue and it is more beautiful then ever. Then I re-dyed black, all my faded black knit pants, and now have new looking/feeling pants. I'm offering this service to you all as well.

This week, I'm offering black, brown and Peri-winkle blue,  and if you have more then 5 lbs to dye in one color, you can pick your own color. The cost would be $8 for pants, $6 for shirts, average price based on weight.
You can bring them in when we're open, Wed 2-7ish, Thurs. 4-7ish, Sun 2-5ish.

Stretch Cords, sweaters ... Dye your own ...
Devi in dyed blue


Now in 4 new (overdyed) colors ... peri blue (at rt) coral, brick, aqua, black and the colors they came in ... turquoise, green, beige.they come in.Sizes 2-10

List Price:
Our Price: $29

Soft cotton sweater and rayon tank pictured rt also come in dyed colors, white & off white. $33
Beautifully shaped rayon tank (under sweater also comes in those colors $11

Jacket ... sorry no more BUT we can dye
yours! $11
No More Bad Hair Days! YEAH!
DaineDiane, one of my 3 best friends from High School who I fell in love with instantly (though she at first thought I was a blonde bimbo!) has been undergoing Chemo.
As she flung off her wig to cool her head she said, "I will never have a bad hair day again"! I instantly realized now I never will have a bad hair day again either ... and I'm passing that on to you. When I asked her if I could share this she said, "Love it!!! I am a firm believer in milking each experience in order to "juice" the world".
Diane is completing a long herstory of health challenges/ opportunities. She is on her way to vibrant health and doing it with finesse, humor and nurturing care. (allowing only positive thoughts to take hold and come out of her mouth)
She is also an inspirational painter ... my MichelleAngelo.
click to see paintings
Parties, festivals, friends ...
George fun summer unfolding. Join me as we allow only thoughts we want to "manifest" in our lives ... all other thoughts, as in meditation, just watch them float by. For me that's all negative thoughts including judgment, irritation, doubts, anger, fear...
Practice makes paradise.

Skeptical? Just try it out for 1 month.
Your gonna like the way your life changes
  ... I guarantee it!
Borrowed from my friend George ... who also showed up  above watching friends, Bruce Lipton, Carolyn Casey, Marilyn Schlitz, Swami Beyondananda (on a panel) among many more loves at the Harmony Festival.
Robert was the CFO for this festival ... the producers came into the "black" and had much more fun doing it!

Until we meet again...

Being Fearless ... Choosing Love
xoxo Devi