Outback ... Is Re tooling
for RE school (for this Resession!)
REciprocity REalized by REmembering

RE-cycle RE-use Re-make
RE inspire RE create RE enchant

Outback Sale
Open Sunday May 30th 12-5
Monday May 31 10-5
directions: devijuice.com
Nameste, Hola, Aloha, Nihou, Sawadee Ka, _(y_o_u_r_s)_, Hi LoveTribe!
A business school of the Arts, Design and Spirit is in the works.
And it looks like the Pt Richmond space may become a classroom.
It will be forming through the rest of the year and you can read about it in this (our) first working draft
click here.

As I began moving out of the Pt Richmond space, it became clear that the new space wasn't ready and it made more sense to move my warehouse into this store space, instead of my store into my warehouse.

So, the Pt Richmond space is shifting into storage, design studio (and during events a dressing room) and retail space. Hmmm... I guess it's now about remaking instead of moving/changing ... I just got that!

Retail/shopping opportunities ...

 Every year on Memorial Day Monday, Point Richmond has a yard sale with over 100 participating homes. You can shop the sales around the town triangle and pick up a map to the other sales at Outback. We will be open during the sale with a sale inside as well as a garage sale outside (unless raining ... then all inside!)
We will also be open the Sunday May 30 before the sale for mellower shopping and to give first picks to our LoveTribe. Though you may have to step around garage sale piles!

URU, fine sweaters & Huichol Jewelry!!
Jaquline & Tashi Venus
I found a box of hundreds of pieces of gorgeous Huichol jewelry from my Huichol friends.
Every bead is put on with a prayer and they are gorgeous. Jacqueline is wearing a necklace, bracelet and earrings, URU dress and Dulce Cabo sweater. Tashi wearing Dulce Cabo, and No Blu. And both are being infused with Venus energy ... come get your Venus photo!!
  Fine quality linen, cotton, ramie knits ...

More of  those great Tank top
and cardigans we ran out of ...
now back in all colors. Black,
brown, off white, antique rose,navy.
Many other styles +
new ones!

Tanks $11
Cardigans $39
(22+) other styles  75+% off!

No Blu
Picked up 45 new pieces of No Blu for some of you No Blu lovers! Sizes S -XXL
prices $24 - $44

Amira and I will be dressing the goddesses at the Health and Harmony Festival June 11,12,13. Robert is overseeing it's financial success this year, so I will be there in support. I am also planning on being at the 35th Michigan Women's festival in August.

I will be shopping next week in LA for these events and will offer first pick to you all next weekend.

I will send out updates on the school, on the sales, on the state of the menapausal shifts the planet is in ...

In the meantime ... enjoy the beauty of this world ...
And when that is challenging ...
Tip of the week:
 the key to receiving the gifts of life's challenges is to ask the question, What is the gift(s) of this challenge? That is being being fearless and choosing love!
RE Outback ... In the Temple of Venus