Outback ... In the Temple of venusin the Temple of Venus
139 W. Richmond Ave. Pt Richmond Ca 510 237 1199 directions
Sprouting seeds of possibility in our fertile ground
Amira & Leslie

Amira & Leslie partying
Tashi Llamo

Tashi Llamo
Who is needed for this collective?
book keeper
web designer
web host
display artists
$ investors
Hostess (with the mostess)

Many hands make light work and lot's of play!!

Vagina Monologues Richmond
Last night, a great performance from our local pussy's!
Shirley Butt wearing
beautiful rose top from the Temple
of Venus
Shirley Butt at Vagina Monologues

Be fearless choose love
loving the "I of us"         
Aloha LoveTribe,

Well, we partied til midnight ... I was buoyed by all the love and appreciation ... thank-you. My bank of "appreciation points" is full and my cup runneth over.

As someone pointed out, it felt like the energy was building for something in the space ... not winding down. Who knows where that energy will go ... but if your interested in participating in it we will be meeting this Thurs evening 6:30 - 9 (come for all or part). See more info below.

Wednesday & Thursday 12-6 ish Sun 12-4
In response to many emails I've received asking if there was any possibility of coming by as they were away last weekend ... yes.
Amira will be there Wednesday and Tashi ,Thursday and Sunday. I'll be in and out. We were planning on being there for stores to shop and to sell fixtures.
In addition, there were a few styles some friends asked me to try and get more of (I had missed getting them for myself as well!) and so I did and they can be picked up during that time. They are the sweetheart neck camisoles in black, cream, brown and navy, the black linen knit hooded long cardigan and the sweater I'm wearing in pic above in 2 colors ways (this piece will need to be picked up Sun). Yes, all at the lowest prices.

The New Economy: An evening of possibilities Thurs 6:30-9
Collective, co-op, trade, work, play equity?
Trade dollars, Equity dollars for trade ...
In these times, so much is possible. As the old form crumbles (sheds it's skin) the new has room to grow.
I had been thinking/planning a new kind of business school to incubate new businesses and have been looking at spaces in Berkeley. It may be that the possibility of this Pt Richmond space as a community space/ store/product collective may be the first "student". If your interested in being a part of this, or interested in being a part of designing new forms of economy, come Thursday evening. There will be other evenings I will host on the new economy ... but if you are part of this Pt Richmond community you will want to come now as I only have the lease til the end of the month. The landlord has offered to extend it at the current low rent if acted on quickly.
Shaye's Art installation opening tonight ... New Economy!

Here's a great example of new economies popping up ...
As one of the LoveTribe said the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree... Shaye's one of my daughters. The bookshop she works in a night a week invited her to do an Art installation in the windows. In one window an underwater scene of Botticelli's Birth of Venus ... Venus is wearing a dress made out of dictionary pages (bookstore re-make) behind the screen is a dressing room. In the other window you can literally window shop or window shop others window shopping. See invite below ...
Sale - Sail
Thanks for joining me on this adventure ...
Right now ... I'm off sailing ... saleing ...
xoxox, Devi