Outback ... In the Temple of venusin the Temple of Venus
139 W. Richmond Ave. Pt Richmond 510 237 1199 directions
Hour: 11-6 daily through Sat 4/10
Sunday 4/11 11- midnight ... party!
Nameste, Aloha, Hola, Sawadee Ka, Ni hao, (add yours) ...
Greetings to the LoveTribe,
Devi In Dolce Cabo sweater So ... Yes, Outback is closing the Pt Richmond Temple shop. And I will be clearing out much of the merchandise. After those of you LoveTribers pick out things for yourselves (including gifts), those of you with stores (and ebay sellers) can come pick things Wed 4/14 & Thurs 4/15 from 12-6.
I am also selling cabinets, dressing tables, display items ... but will also do more of that the next week.
I have sorted most of the clothing inventory into $6, $12, $24, $36, $44, $55, $69 & $100 wearing my new favorite Dolce Cabo sweater   racks. Further discount on these see below.

See further discounts at bottom of newsletter.
And for a sampling of the prices ... the sorting of the clothes on the racks, see the website ...click here.

Pile ou Face Coats
Yoga pants
Pile ou Face
the French Trench Coat Pile Ou Face Coats Sara

Many of you have requested different sizes in these coats and I had brought in some more at half off ... though they are going fast and are now further discounted.Green raincoat (comes in black, gray and red) on the left is $69 ($55- $62 with LT discount) and long coats (4 styles) like the cozy warm quilted one
on right (comes in sand, black & brown)  are $100 ($80-$90 with LT discount) I wouldn't wait until Sunday night for the lesser discount if you really want one of these!

Yoga (everywhere) Pants yoga pant
Another multiple request from the LoveTribe ...I was able to get these boot cut comfy flattering pants again for this offering. Although they accidentally shipped me bathing suits! So the pants won't be in until Friday. This Victoria Secret overstock, comes in assorted colors. I did however get in the black rib leggings with small buttons at the ankle... great layer.

All pants come xs-xl and are cotton/lycra.

Our Price: $12 ($9.60 -10.80 with LT Discount)
List Price: $59
S & H: $6
This Thursday ... I'm going ...
  Conversations with remarkable women Patricia & Barbara

This evening is sure to be fun, thought provoking, inspirational and peaceful.
That's what these 2 women provide and it will be the first time these sister's have had a public dialog and co-presented.
It's herstory in the making!
See more info here ... click.

After sending out last weeks letter, where I mentioned a collective? co-op? new hybrid form of business, I have had many more thoughts and interactions about this. What if the answer to unemployment was to just start working? Doing something fun, inspiring while building something (including equity). In our current economic matrix, some people are entrepreneurs and some aren't ... I'm looking at a new "hybrid" where it can work for all to be owners. Like a community garden.
I am looking at "kickstarting" something new and vibrant happening in the space, so this move can contribute to all.  I will write more about that next week ... but first ... I want to finish Outback in style!

Thanks for all of your love, sweetness, support and appreciation. 

xoxo Devi
Outback ... In the Temple of Venus
10% off!

30% off all jewelry, gifts, scarves and accessories
(most also already discounted)
Sunday night 6- midnight ... Party! AND ...
additional 20% off clothing & Lingerie
(instead of 10%)
gifts, accessories, scarves, socks, jewelry 50% off(instead of 30%)