(fooled you ... it's a day before) April Fools!!!
Really Closing April 11
Outback ... In the Temple of venusin the Temple of Venus
139 W. Richmond Ave Pt Richmond 510 237-1199 directions
Hours: Everyday 11-6 until we close April 11 (open til midnight!)
Aloha LoveTribe ...

In honor of a couple of community merging rituals ...

It would have been enough to just dress you all in beautiful clothing, love and community ... dayenu!

And our Easter fun ritual, check below ...
along with news of new Mary Green, scarves and sweaters.

And my latest response to, "No! You can't close!!"

Easter egg hunt?
Our "official" Easter egg Temple fun ... pick an egg (with discount amount inside) and get an additional discount ... of 10 - 50% off! But minimally for you, our LoveTribe, a gaurenteed 20%. All clothing already 50% off (already discounted prices and 25% on jewelry (new Jan Michaels Jewelry!), gifts and accessories. Plus use your egg for a discount on the hundreds of new scarves on the $11 rack!! Or the hundreds of new pieces from Mary Green! see a few on devijuice

April Fools Day evening!

Our LoveTribe clown, model and mutual fan, wearing boiled wool flowers from Nepal reminds us that thisThursday evening is the preview of the ..... Da daaaaa....
Wavy Gravy Movie:Saint Mis-Behaven'!
Let's all go out and support our local clown Saint and his goddess wife Jahanara (who makes it all possible!) And have a REALLY FUN night!! Sorry last week I didn't realize the reception was a fund raiser to get the rest of the $ needed to distribute the film (a great cause!) But, Jah and Wavy have extended a LoveTribe discount price of $50 (instead of $95) for the reception 6-7, mingling with them and other stars of the movie, receive a limited edition poster of the movie, see the movie and Q&A with Wavy!) Or just come to the movie premiere ($15), shows at 7:30 and 10 and includes Q&A after film with Wavy. At the Grand Lake theater in Oakland more info click.
 See (some of) you there! And if you want to purchase the premium ticket, email back to this email and me know, I will meet you there and get it to you.

Point Richmond Collective?!

Many of you have come in, especially the "locals" and said, NO! You can't close!!! Hmmm... where have I heard that before? I understand in a small town like this, it is more impactful to lose a public living room, closet and Temple (of love and beauty). Not too much entertainment around here ... so every place makes a difference.
Not that it doesn't make a difference everywhere, Outback has been voted Best of the Bay, a number of times, including our last space in Emeryville. But in this small town it is part of everyday life.

Although I did stay longer ... I now need to close in order for my business to evolve.
The other day when a couple of local women gave me the ... "No, you can't close" ... I said, OK get a group of interested women together, some that that could invest money and others that could put in time or both. The investor group could be large (my friends Ben and Jerry sold $20 "stock" on their ice-cream lids, thus many small owners), one "large" investor, or anything in between. The "sweat equity" partners would include a book keeper, sylists, web site manager, merchandisers, buyer, writer, event planner, hosts and lawyer.

I just read how Richmond has the highest unemployment in the Bay area. Maybe it's fertile ground for a new model. If your interested in this, email me back with an evening(s) that would work to gather, and I will host a night to check out this possibility.

Outback is closing and yes, it is possible it will morph into a collective ... but in the meantime, I am definitely planning on going out in style. You can see some of what we now have in store on the website www.devijuice.com, which I'm trying to keep updated. (Yes, I currently manage the website and wear all the other hats, that are no longer my style)
I'm excited to see what unfolds! As the world turns ...
Outback ... In the Temple of Venus

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This week there is a possibility of 10 -50%  off depending on what's in the egg you pick ...  but by mentioning LoveTribe you will receive a guaranteed 20%. Though if the egg you pick is higher, you receive the greater discount.
Offer Expires: April 5 th