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Oscar Dress
Yasodharā ... the essense of compassion

This outfit inspired by
who was the wife of Siddartha (who left the day their son was born to became the Buddha ... hmmmmm)
Myth has it that she also followed an ascetic path (morphed now into an aesthetic path!) while raising their son.
After their son grew up and became a Monk, Yasodara then left, to follow Buddha's path, and later became Quan Yin,  having different spellings in different countries and some believe was also White Tara (they traveled around!).

Being a woman and not allowed to teach, she taught the untouchable women. They at first didn't accept her, seeing her as untouchable, for reaching out to them and later accepted her worth (and their own).

To me Patricia Ellsberg is the essence of Yasodhara and Judith, the filmaker,
the channel to bring this to a larger audience.

Nameste LoveTribe

 I need help!! I need a great seamstress (or 2)

I meant to get an email out to let you know we're not closing and/or moving by the end of this month and about the beautiful, comfy and great deals happening (still all on big sale).... As per previous email.
Instead I got busy with the fun project of designing a dress for our friend Judith whose film has been nominated for an Oscar.... YEAH!! The Most Dangerous Man in America (now playing at the Shattuck Cinema and the Embarcadero. It is about our good friends, Daniel and Patricia Ellsberg, and the story of the Pentagon Papers. Not only a wonderful message of peace for these times (by exposing lies and compassionate action), It is one of the best feminist movies I've seen, especially since they had no intention of that, it just naturally came through. Anyway ...
I NEED HELP!! I need GREAT seamstresses!! That have time in the next few days.
I'm also working on an outfit for Claire Greensfelder who as a major fundraiser and support is going with them.
All input/opinions would be appreciated along with leads to seamstress.
xoxo Devi

PS Obviously I highly recommend seeing this movie ... you won't be disappointed.