Outback ... In the Temple of venusin the Temple of Venus
139 W. Richmond Ave Pt Richmond 510 237 1199 directions
Outback still nestled in the hidden city ...
Hand carved soap
I thought these would make beautiful Valentine gifts. And I love buying from artists, making and selling there wares. I bought these in Chiang Mai. Amazingly delicate and beautiful (there are red roses too) ... I watched while they were carved, though missed the painting part. They come in a sweet wooden carved box as well... and I'm selling at the wholesale price of $14.
Love Letter
love letter
And for a beautifully written love letter ... Diva will write, seal, tie, stamp and mail a gorgeous hand printed and custom written ... only $8 !!
click here

Boiled wool vests
Then those great uni-sex, gray and camel, soft wool, front zip and pocketed vests that we are selling on our $18 or 2 for $30 rack (normally $259) ... now also come in gorgeous purple, orange and dark brown ... though $10 more to cover dyeing, pressing and handling. More colors to come...
Amira is also wearing an embroidered Hmong pocket apron ... cool ...
Silver from Laos
Silver hairsticks
I loved Luang Prabang in Laos. I bought some beautiful hand loomed silk which you can see a bit of under the hair sticks and some beautiful silver bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings and these cool hair sticks.... the work well for wrapping up hair into a twist or sticking into a bun or head wrap.
More fun Hair sticks
Hmong Hair stick
A LoveTribe beauty modeling a Hmong Hair stick
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Feb 2010
Greetings LoveTribe ...

Back from Asia ... back to my favorite "channel" ...  the Bay Area.

Yeah! I love the air here ... the beauty of the Bay ... Everytime I return it is a yesssss......

I had closing Outback "penciled in" for this last weekend ... but not yet the time ... got some clear messages and my next unfolding still forming. 

I did connect with some wonderful elements and visions in Asia. The influence of the Hmong Tribes art and color (like the dolls above) ... some magical wood pieces ... I'm seeing Avatar meets Alice in Wonderland in the Temple of Venus for our next community event space and uplifting design elements for the design studio/remakers workshop with design and business classes.

In the meantime ... some interesting signs to stay a bit longer here unfolded along with some beautiful pieces of clothing. Some I've been requested not to "advertise" in this newsletter. And others ... 

Like, great comfy knits from Sylvie and Mado and as long as we were still going to be open I'm getting in some more cashmere blend and merino wool socks as many of you requested ($5-$8 instead of $18-28) plus all other socks are now $2, tights and stockings $5.

The French Trench Coat
pink pile ou face
Pile Ou Face ... cool new coats (at half, or more, off) 

Most of these stylin', statement making yet comfy and practical French coats are $140 (reg. $280) although there are a few different styles, like the one to the left that are under $100.
And along with this great code pink, Pile ou Face coat, Amira is wearing a purple shawl from the $11 scarf rack and holding one of the Hmong embroidered bags I brought back. And look at the cool irredescent blue coat in the back ... and the burgandy one, also gray, brown and black in fun styles.
All clothing still half off!! (already discounted)
Nataya, Johnny Was, Biya, For Love & LibertyJW Tee
3J Workshop, Pete & Greta, Another ...
Plus still clearing out almost 200 pieces of Nataya and over 100 pieces of the other labels  ... see some pictures
                                     here on the website.
Nataya Coat Nataya Coat
A note from the CEO (Chief Executive Oracle)

Tasting Bamboo worms in Myanmar (Burma)
click above to see silly movie of me and friends

My musings ...
Over the years, it seems what works best (for me), is to "pencil in" or aim for something and then just stay with the unfolding ... moving as it becomes clear to move.
And when unexpected things happen ... like my internet and phone line being down for the first week I was back, Instead of being upset by that ... I was at first curious ... Hmmm, that's interesting ... I thought I needed to get an email out letting you all know it was the last weekend and catch up on so many things from being away.  Then it became clear it was the perfect thing, to give me an easy, slower entry back. Not pushing to get an email out and push a closing I wasn't feeling, and really didn't work yet ... even if penciled in. And an opportunity to give myself a more peaceful place to respond to my many emails and phone calls from, by allowing time ... knowing there is enough time.
I come from the view of my cohort, Rob Brezny, which he calls Pronoia ... the feeling the universe is conspiring to shower me with blessings ... I assumed it happened to support me.
It was, as Sylvia Boorstein said yesterday, responding with buoyancy. When you respond with buoyancy ... the path becomes buoyant ... joyfull ... cultivating boyance is cultivating joy. And that's what I'm cultivating this year ...
among other crops ... creativity, inspiration and always love
ComePassion   xoxo Devi