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Dec 2009 
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serving goddesses

Gift made for me by Tashi
Who if you haven't met her is one of the goddesses servingg the Lovetribe on and off for over 7 tears.

This journal will be my companion to design a compelling magical myth.

Sara ... another goddess serving the LoveTribe
was at a Chanuka party tonight and as someone spoke about the miracle of the oil,  I thought of the real miracle of Chanuka: that an out numbered, ill-equipped minority can win out again & again against a larger, stronger force. One person
alone  can  make this  difference. 
The main teaching of Chanuka is that we bring light into the darkness and suddenly the darkness is dispelled.  We cannot dispel darkness with anger, more darkness.
Only  with light. The Chanuka story is that we are all made of light.
A light in the wilder-ness.  This we give each other.  It is the kindness of a stranger when we need it most.  It is an unexpected hug  from  our  kids.  It  is the words, "I love you." It's even just a simple smile, a one line email, ahand  extended  and  grasped.   We  cannot survive without these and they help us go on when we think we are not able to goon.  This is what we give each other.
Know that the smallest gesture is the oil for another's lamp.Do not withhold this and it will not be withheld from you. Love is only increased the more we spend it. Be the light.

Many blessings to you,

Rabbi Sara Shendelman


Aloha LoveTribe ....Tis the season

To party, to gather with family, to miss family ...  no longer here ...
 I have 5 friends/family  (loves) that have left recently (must be a great party happening on the "other side")
As I write this on my mother Virginia's birthday who was a great party host!
Matthew and Grace who I've told you about and now 2 friends from Hana, Carl and Rae. And then Larry Switzer ... a big love in my life that you can see and be inspired by a one minute video excerpt of us from a movie I made "In search of the New Male Myth. These wonderful loves inspire ... bring joy ... and tears. And as Larry says ... tears are a good thing.

But for now ... I'm off to LA to honor Grace, and at her request ... to have a lot of laughs (maybe laugh to tears) and spread her ashes in the ocean that she lived by for 30 years and loved.

And while down there I will shop for party dresses at Nataya and other inspiring pieces at Johnny Was (Biya, For Love and Liberty, 3J Workshop and their other 10 labels). Shopping for you is my "retail therapy'! Along with the therapy of visiting with many of you, Outback, where I will be until Christmas.

Then I'm off to a party in Burma ... full blue moon
Robert loves Devieclipse on New Years Eve with a wild, deep, compassionate, joyful group of friends (and my love Robert!) at a Temple in Burma that they renovated.

These last years have been about really mastering growing with the flow. Being with life as it unfolds ... trusting that "this is it unfolding" appreciating the here and now including planting future seeds. You get the gist!
This year it is about sprouting ... about new life ... about Joy ... Let's all toast to that...
 2010 ... if not now, when?

being fearless choosing love ... and beauty ...
xoxo Devi
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