Outback ... In the Temple of venusin the Temple of Venus
139 W. Richmond Ave Pt Richmond  510 237 1199 directions
Nov. 2009
Hours: Wed & Thur 12-6 Fri 12-5ish Sat 11-5ish
This weekend only closed Sunday

Raincoats ... wear them and rain will come (field of dreams)
and these coats and jackets are perfect for our sunny cool weather too!
Many of you, when you meet me for the first time, say that although it seems strange, you feel as if you know me from my emails even though we hadn't previously met...

Even stranger ... I feel as though I know you (those I haven't met)... from writing to you!

And of course there are many of you, I've enjoyed being with, hanging with, laughing with, crying with, dancing with, walking with, dreaming with ... for many years ...
and look forward to many more ...

I know with the speed of life ... the increasing abundance of information available ... like passing by millions of stars zooming through space ... it can be challenging being in the moment.

Yet this is where peace, beauty and  love resides ... now.

Then there are moments that just suck! ... These too will pass ... as you receive the perfect gift ... at the perfect moment.
And as my friend Joanne says,
"This is it
         turning out!
Aloha LoveTribe,

I know you want to know how long are we going to be open (as MANY of you have ask!) ... this is a practice of being in the moment.
Now if I can stay in the moment with the possibilities of
1) moving in and opening an 11,000 sq ft  "Stone soup" Temple Shop, "factory", sewing, craft, and classes workshop in as soon as 2 weeks ...
2) Staying open in Pt Richmond until the end of the year ... going on a trip to Burma, Cambodia and Thailand in the meantime and opening the beginning of next year ...
3) One of the many other opportunities coming my way
4) and doing this all without the $ manifested to do any of it!
You can hang with me and see how it all turns out!
Especially since it's all on the way to creating something beautiful ...  while seeding a new economy.
And as the old economy is tied in with war, not peace ... with greed and fear .... it's about time!

In the meantime, come visit our Templeshop of love and beauty and check out the new merchandise that was previously on order and coming in and will be sold at 25% off (and you know I already got amazing prices to begin with!)
Gorgeous scarves and shawls,
watches and other gift items, sweaters, rain coats and jackets ...  and all the other treasures and
clothing at 50% off

our already reduced prices. While supporting us in creating our new vision.

Thank-you for all of your support, love and appreciation.

See many of you soon ... xoxo Devi & Amira

Outback ... In the Temple of venus
510 237 1199
Outback ... In the Temple of venus
139 W. Richmond Ave.
Point Richmond, California 94801
510 237 1199