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We will be open at least until the end of November ... i think ...
Hours: Wed-Fri 12-6 Sat 11-5 Sun 1-4ish
november 2009
Nameste, Hola, Aloha, Hello LoveTribe ...

I am getting closer to my personal ... This is it! And next time you see that in the subject ... it will be it.

Last night I saw This is it ... Kenny Ortega's beautifully put together Michael Jackson rehearsal film. The title came from Michael calling Kenny when he knew what his next big move after many years, would be and said to Kenny ... This is it. Thanks to Jane Heaven ... for the needed nudge and I pass that on to you ... I highly recommend This is it. Jane will be doing a radio show on MJ Sunday night KPFA 10pm. She is dispelling many negative myths ... which I feel is such a good thing to do for someone who brought such spirit to the world ... and definitely to my life.

More on my personal this is it below ... but for now I wanted to let you know ... Yes, we are still open and will be, either until Christmas or until the end of November... Not yet sure.

I will be  liquidating the merchandise until then ... 68 pieces of Citron (and counting) ... and over 1000 pieces from the assorted lines we carry all at an additional 50% off.  To view a bit of what's left click here.
And lot's of Mary Green lingerie at 75% (and more) off! Panties $3, cami's $5 -$15, boxers $5.50, sleep masks $3, slips $18- 28, dresses, robes, PJ's $18 - 59.
There are some new treasures as well ... things that were on order months ago for holiday gifts, are coming in ... and will all be sold at additional 25% off.
Scarves, sweaters, watches, fingerless gloves, jewelry ...
this is it
pop-up shop, Temple Shop, design, production, re-makers workshop ...

Although there are some spaces being looked at and even negotiated on ... there is no ... This is it ... yet.
I'm not yet sure if it will come in a week or in a few months. But I'll keep you posted.
The spaces right now being considered are 2 spaces on 4th street in Berkeley. One space that would be a temple shop ... DeVenus ... dressing your personal, work and home Temples. The other space would be an outlet with a large space for a collective design workshop and production facility.

Then there is a space on College Ave ... maybe a holiday "pop up shop"?
What's a girl to manifest? ... I'm open to votes and interested participants.

eeeya luego! xoxo, Devi
Outback ... In the Temple of Venus