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Oct/Nov 2009

Nataya's Cinderella Dress
Fortunaqtely Harriet bought this dress, as I've played Cinderella enough this time around!
This beautiful Nataya dress was only $39!! and there are still more romantic dresses from Nataya.

Harriet Cinderella
Like this Nataya dress that Karuna got ... there is still one in dark coral. That is a matching shrug making those sleeves.

Juicy Nataya Dreams
 Nataya Dress with shrug $59
And there is still 110 pieces of Citron left!

Karuna in Citron
Weston Wear top $33
with Citron skirt
Nameste, Hola, Aloha LoveTribe ...

Last weekend I put a store closing sign on the window and within minutes was reprimanded for doing this without sending an email out first! Opps! Yes, this time I know it is time to close (famous last words!) If someone wants to buy it and run with it that is still possible, but it's time for me to move to a better retail location and get my clothing line going again.
In the meantime, this is your last excuse from me to come visit this cool little "Hidden City" if you haven't yet been here (or don't live here). And it's a good time to buy gifts for the holidays at even more reduced prices.
New Pile ou Face Coats
Mary POF CoatEven though we are closing, there is still things I had on order that have come in. Including these great coats from Pil ou face. They are at half of the reg retail price of $280
Now only $140.
There was one coat that fit Mary (left) and she said she was glad to get it first. Said it was more fun to be a winner then a whiner. Hmmm ... I'm remembering that next time I feel a whine coming on!

Pile Ou Face Coats
Another Mary! and Amira

photo by Melissa Bischoff
And gifts, jewelry and accessories 25% off!
Please help me clear out the shop ... And please tell your friends.
And THANK-YOU for all the Love, Support and appreciation you've given me ... many of you for MANY years!  xoxo Devi
PS Check out my daughter Diva's cool style in her home featured in Design Sponge