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Oct 2009

This was an easy costume to dress up in ... didn't need to brush my hair ... didn't need to put make-up on, jewelry on ... not even shoes. Just this beautiful one of a kind sample dress from Nataya ... Only $39 and the Cinderella that fit's this dress can buy it!
 Beautiful rags are riches
.... now to gather up the pumkin and mice to get to that ball!
Photo by Alexis
Biya Coat
Biya Spy Coat
 3/4 length Silver Trench Coat
by Biya

Reg $647 Our $189

Alexis taking a break from writing her erotic novel to model for us.
Johnny Was Velvet
Velvet shirt embroidery
Live-in luxury
embroidered silk velvet
$73.50 (with the 25%off)
3J Workshop
3J Flannel

3J W.S. Flannel shirt embroidered with lace
and jet beads. Size L
Reg $289 Our  $98
($73.50 with discount)
Cotton Jacquard Scarves
cotton scarves

$18 !! (25% off only $13.50)

Wool Jacquard Shawls

wool shawls

Over 36 different patterns of reversible wool jacquard designs (see different colors of 2 sides in above photo).
$33 (with discount)
Gus & Grace
Gus & Grace
Now hanging in my home
a painting by Gus ...she was his light and love.
Both remain that for me.
Aloha LoveTribe,

Went for a quick trip to LA. Got the t-shirt ... well actually a few t-shirts from Love & Liberty, coat and dresses from Biya, shirts from 3J Workshop and blouses from Johnny Was and Pete & Greta.

Then for costuming fantasy ... beautiful Nataya dresses, lace and net blouses, coats and dusters. Fanciful skirts ... collars and wraps.

Marie AntoinetteSome sparkly jewelry ... hair clips and gloves
feather tierra-like headbands
Party time ... yes, especially in these times.
Rental anyone?
Dresses, Vintage Tux jackets, wigs ... Maybe you'd like to rent this dress? Or one above...
Whether Glinda the good witch bestowing blessings or Marie Antoinette not giving her head up (or losing it to any guy) ...
Special Offer from Grateful Body
grateful bodyMary one of our LoveTribers  makes some of the yummiest skin food. My skin just drinks it up. She brought some of her products to Outback for you to try (and yes, you can use the 25% coupon below). Or order directly from Mary and enter devi10 to get 10% off on any products.You can customize your skin care by going to Gratefulbody.com
Not only a fabulous product with the best ingredients ... it's supporting a small women owned "LoveTribe" biz!
I'm grateful for the opportunity!
Grace, my friend and sometimes "mom"  is now gone from physical reach ...

She had asked that I laugh instead of cry when she died. The night of her death I was visited by a good friend who lives in Bali who I hadn't seen in a few years. He is my "laughing partner" and we laughed until crying for over an hour ... while others looked on trying to figure out what was so funny. And of course couldn't help joining in from time to time. That night there were other good friends of mine ... that stepped right in with some "moming" too.

Always amazing how provided for I am.

Now, I would like to get some more clarity on Outback. The best use of my energy and talents while being pleasurable and lucrative.

I dreamt the other morning, that I said to some of you, "Well, you all have enough clothing now", and the response was ... "No, we need to keep our spirits up ... especially in these times. We feel comfortable and beautiful in your clothes. This keeps our spirits up, along with the words that accompany the clothing." Hmmmm ...

Now that Citron feels they can't sell to us anymore, due to a complaint by another retailer that sells at full price, I'll need to do something different.
There are still 101 pieces left which will provide for another month ... maybe.
Although I have other wonderful lines that you enjoy, and have found other beautiful "off price" merchandise at the trade shows, Citron sales have paid the bills. And we established terms for payment over the years that are more difficult to establish with new lines.
Citron's first line was a "knock-off" of one of mine and it provided reciprocity in the form of a line that worked for most of you. We could sell at discount prices you were used to in my outlet shops and
Citron clothing offered comfort and beauty to a diversity of body types, which was needed when I stopped producing my own line 15 years ago.
So, it may be time to produce again, which I was about to do a year ago when my backer backed out due to the economy. Although time and money were invested in design and setting up production. I feel it could be a good time to move that forward again.
As many of you know, I've designed beautiful fabrics and comfortable, stylin' clothing that sold to over 3000 stores. While retail customers have followed me, there are still many wholesale customers asking me to "tweet"! (and make clothes).
Keeping you informed in the process and my thinking and interested in any input you may have.
choosing love & beauty
xoxo Devi

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