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 August 2009
Outback ... In the Temple of  Venus - LoveTribe Newsletter
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40% off most clothing
25% off all Citron
A couple of weeks ago I invited you to join our facebook, Outback in the Temple of Venus, group.
Thanks to those that ventured with me there.
I have since discovered it is a Fan Page (not group) that will give more options for people to be connected with each other. So I have now also made a Fan page and will eventually phase out the group page.
It will take a bit of time, to get into the flow, but I'm very excited about the possibilities.

Besides being able to easily share what's new in the shop, spontaneous specials and events. It will also be a place to make connections and have conversations, that will keep us in balance
Inspiration, re-enchantment and health in all areas of our lives.

Hours: Wed 12-7 Thurs & Fri 12-6
Sat 11-6 & Sun 12-4
Aloha LoveTribe,

I'm looking at the moon shining on the Bay ... magical out here in the "hidden city".

I know it seems like a journey ... yet really ... only 10 minutes from Berkeley, 10 from Marin and 20 from the City (baring traffic) ... especially since it is only a couple of minutes off the freeway.

And I have heard the request from many of you for us to come back to Berkeley. I am considering another event in (one of my favorite) magical homes in the Berkeley hills that we had the party event in a couple of years ago ... that some of you have requested another visit to. Possibly later in the year.

In the meantime ... we still have a lot of beauty to bring into balance in the store ... with the over abundance of merchandise from the missed women's festival and the closing of Shaye's  store. So...
The 40% off sale  ... Johnny Was, For Love & Liberty, 3J workshop, Nataya, Mary Green Lingerie, and more ... continues.

And NOW ... additional 25% off all Citron (over 200 pieces left, in all sizes, with the majority in medium) yes, it is the end of our Citron

I will be at the Las Vegas trade shows next week (off price show, women's show, sourcing show amoung others) ... looking for beautiful clothing, new lines, great deals and a producer to replace the loss of Citron.

I'm looking forward to telling you of my finds along with a beautiful dream unfolding. A dream of beauty in balance ... a world in balance. Hang in there, it's coming ...
xoxo Devi

Be Fearless - Choose Love
40% off!! Continues...
Mary Green, Johnny Was, Biya, Pete & Greta. 3J Workshop, Nataya ... and more ...
25% off all Citron (over 200 pieces left!)