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August 2009
Aloha LoveTribe

What a week this last week has been! I don't know about you but the eclipse that is happening, already eclipsed a few things in my life.
Shaye's (my daughter) shop closed and my trip to Michigan Womens Music Festival didn't happen.

Shaye intends to write about it though she's been super busy since closing ... She had a painting show of her works, she styled 2 photo shoots, began a part time job,  2 new housemates moved in as her last one moved out and is being honored at a dinner tonight having won "Best of the Bay" ... Best place to borrow clothing. Realizing it was time she let the eclipse do it's magic and "grow with the flow", she is now resting and recouping her energy.
And I am allowing a new life to unfold for me as well. Though too early to write about it ... stay tuned.

In the meantime ... there is a LOT of merchandise to clear out! Not only from Shaye's shop (which we barely had time to move out and didn't have any sale there) and from the "shop" I was bringing to Michigan.
So check out the following sales and PLEASE forward to friends as there is an abundance of merchandise. We are 10 minutes from Berkeley, 10 minutes from Marin and 20 mintues from San Fransisco (other than during traffic times).
Johnny Was, Biya, For Love & Liberty
Pete & Greta, Nataya and many other interesting lines

 3J Workshop

additional 40% off! (already 50-70%off)

Many beautiful pieces from all these wonderful collections and many more clothing lines ...

Assorted collage
Citron Citron Dress

Our "Michigan Shop" of hundreds of pieces are
now available Outback at 50% off(and below)
the reg. prices and now ...

All Dresses and Men's shirts
    additional 25% off

May this eclipse find you letting go of things that no longer serve you while making room for new ... events, places, people ... love, beauty and greater health ... even if at the moment it may appear as a decrease. This is it turning out ... so take/give gentle care.
xoxo, Devi
Outback ... In the Temple of venus