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july 2009
Aloha LoveTribe ...

The good news is we have a wonderful selection of Citron in all sizes. The news we're not yet sure why is good ... is that this will be our last selection.
Although they say they have loved our selling their clothing and turning so many thousands of women onto their line ... they say it has been a problem for some of their other accounts.
I know many of you that can afford to buy at full price have bought from other shops after having been turned onto a style by Outback, yet not finding it in your size. And many more of you can't afford to buy this line at full price. Yet, the shop that complained obviously feels differently. All manufacturers have "left overs" and samples they need to find homes for which are the value of "outlets" to them.
They asked if I could move somewhere away from their "full priced" accounts and I told them I already have.
I'm not interested in pioneering a new area and serving a different community. And it was already limiting ... where I could sell, not selling online, not advertising.  So we'll see where this is leading ...

In the meantime ... our last offering will be in the shop until next Sunday when I will be taking much of it to the Michigan's Women's Music Festival (another beloved community I've been serving for years).
History & herstory ... Army for aliveness
While organizing past files, I came across a little paper book called droppings. I remembered having been sent it 30 years ago by a mail order customer. My first gift from and glimpse into a LoveTribe and "work as love made visible".
These "droppings" are such a wonderful and complete this little book of wisdom.
Outback began, by mail ordering an outfit (left) made out of 2 pairs of over dyed Army surplus pants (one turned upside down, a hole cut in crotch w/mandarin collar and 2 vintage buttons). Here's a picture of Roslie, that was in our ad in the Yoga Journal.
There was a number I had hand written inside the book. After trying to find out something about the author by googling, I called it. A sweet voice answered, it was Viola, Cleburne Quinn's (the authors') wife. She remembered sending me the book of  Cleburne's "droppings" 30 years ago. Her husband has since "returned to the source" and she was very happy to hear from me and I imagine, to know her husband was still blessing and impacting the world in his beautiful way. She sent me a stack of his droppings .. with a beautiful note telling me the call was a blessing. Check them outback! Here's a couple of droppings ...

 ... love does not bind us together
                          it dissolves the distinction

... and in the end
    they took him away
         and left what always was

                                                    (and his droppings!)


Outback ... In the Temple of Venus