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Aloha LoveTribe,

Now I know had I said, "Last weekend for lower prices", in the subject line ... it would have motivated people to open this newsletter ... but I don't like to motivate or be motivated by urgency.

Wanting to motivate you instead by beauty
... I am sharing what's in store and  a little of the beauty of Pt Richmond. And for those "on the edge" I want to share a story given to me years ago by my friend and teacher Werner Erhard (who turned talking into sharing!), which I just came across cleaning out my past files. See the story at the end of this letter.

 As an experiment, we lowered the prices on most of the clothing (up to 30% more) and put everything in a category of $11, $22, $33, $44, $55. That was fun!

Now, between these times of the "Great Adjustment" and Point Richmond not having "foot traffic" that wouldn't work as a permanant program. I need more of a "margin" with less sales.

I did get to see it would fit in perfectly with another vision I have, that although perfect for these times ... my next step hasn't yet revealed itself.
So I dream and I live ... in the dharma (drama... hmmmm) unfolding. Breathing deeply (whenever I remember) and enjoying and sharing the beauty and love within and without.

In the meantime ... One more week of these lower prices (drama and dharma!).
We will continue with the $11 rack as so many of you love it. (though Citron pays the bills!)
And for those needing the lift of adorning your most prescious Temple (your body), and needing some financial support to do this, you can bring in a friend(s), have a party, and get 10% of their sale(s).

New Citron will be coming in and will go up to wholesale prices (still the best deal around!)
We will continue accepting recycled Citron and other designer clothing.
Get credit towards something new,
clean your closets, let someone else experience the magic of that piece while giving the opportunity for even lower prices.

You still have a week to get the lower prices, and then I will be bringing in new Citron. Although there is a good selection Outback, I need to shop now as I will be going to the Michigan Womens Festival in a couple of weeks (I have been receiving emails already making sure I will be there!) and want to give you all, a chance to pick your piece first.
A peek at what's in store ... Amira Buddha bag
Amira wearing Citron blouse
(embroidered &  new shape)
as a jacket over her dress
reg price $138 Our price $55                                     

With "vegan" handbag
cool studs and pockets
reg $78 Our $18

Travel bag w/ height adjustable
pull handle, 2 inside and outside
pockets & super smooth wheels
Reg price $158 Our price $79
Alice  wearing Nataya dress (over her skirt)  
                                                      regular price $168 Our price: $33 !! Also pulling a travel bag.
While your in Point Richmond ...

 Point Richmond beachI went swimming at the beach yesterday ... the water is amazingly warm!
They say it's the cleanest water in the Bay and I have friends who say they've been swimming here for many years. Also great walks by the water down to the fishing pier and trails in the hills above with  360 views including 3 bridges ... a pretty sweet spot!

Then the great restaurants ... breakfast and lunch at the Hidden City and Little Louies
The best Thai food around! The
best classes to teach your body how to age gracefully and healthy and to stand and walk straight! at Body Wisdom
Other fun shops, craft classes at Nova Studios
Farmers Market on Wednesday 4-7   Point Richmond

  El Cerrito FairEl Cerrito Fair

We participated in our local fair ... for a peek ... a video Robert made while there with us ...
     click here

How Delicious
A man was walking through the forest when he came upon a tiger ... delicious
He ran ...looking behind him he didn't notice the cliff ahead. As he went over the cliff he grabbed onto some shrubbery growing from the rocks in the cliff. As he held on he saw below him another tiger waiting for him to fall. He looked up at the first tiger, then below to the other tiger, then he noticed a beautiful, ripe juicy strawberry also growing in the rocks just next to him. He let go with one hand and plucked the strawberry ... how delicious!

Staying in the moment ...
                                xoxo Devi

Outback ... In the Temple of venus