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Father's Day Gift Outback
Free boxer shorts or sleep mask
Aloha LoveTribe...

Free! Mansilk boxers
Reg price $27.50
silk boxersLily from Mary Green wanted you all to have a gift to give your current (alive) favorite father ... and she gave me a good enough price that I can gift you ... a pair of silk boxers normally priced at $27.50! Or a sleep mask regularly priced at $20.

Feels yummy to wear ... I like to sleep in them. Though they are to gift your current favorite
father (doesn't have to be yours! And for those women that have been a father or a mother and father ... they're yours!
To get more then 1 we are selling them for 2 for $11.

Lily also sent us an assortment of Mens silk (that we love to wear!) Tee shirts, tanks, briefer briefs,knit boxers, robes and PJ's ... way below wholesale prices!

Man Silk

  • Sorry i didn't get pictures of some of the new shipments ... we are stocked to the MAX!  
  • Some fun pics from our friend (and father of 4) Romio and his meeting with Prince Charles ...Romio & Prince Charles

Romio  which many of you met at various events at my home and 2 of our Outback Temples ... sent these pics yesterday, saying he was having fun with Prince Charles. Our communities are cross pollinating every where!
Towards the one and as Wavy says ... towards the fun!
For all of you that know my daughter Shaye ... she requested you vote for her shop in Best of the Bay ... maybe best quirky place to shop. Vote here Best of the Bay  With $0 marketing budget ... it would help ... and I'd say it is the best quirky place in the City to shop for clothing ... and as it is a "loan/lending/re-use" kind of place it is eco as well! And with her fashion sense and my buying ability ... stylin'! Thanks xoxo Mom

Outback ... In the Temple of venus