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Citron, Johnny Was, Nataya, For Love and Liberty, Biya, Pete & Greta,
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June 2009
Aloha LoveTribe,

Had a quick trip to LA with Robert visiting our friends  Alexis and Fancher, with whom we had  a couple of fun (decadent?) nights.

And during the days I went shopping. Found beautiful things, did some good deal making and brought home the treasures.

Hundreds of Beautiful New pieces from Citron ... will include pictures next week as well as pics for ...Johnny Was and their assorted lines ...  Biya, For Love & Liberty, Pete & Greta 3JWorkshop

  $11 $22 $33 $44 $55

Although these are higher end lines and I usually sell them at wholesale (half of retail) we are now fitting most of them in the above catagories and selling for 30%+ less then before. We'll see how this works! 

NatayaBelow some new Nataya ...Nataya collage
New ... 2 for $11!! Fathers Day and ... Men's shirts

Something for everyone ...
We've had billionaires dressing next to couch surfers ... I have a huge range of friends ...
Yet they are all loving and compassionate people ... thus the LoveTribe! So I've found some fun practical pieces at 2 for $11. For men (and women who like this style!)...  Mens classic shirts and Mansilk undies from Mary Green Lingerie!

Plus Leggings in 10 colors, tank tops and Mary Green camisols, bathing suits ... plus assortment of pieces ... 2 for $11 WOW!

I have some exciting things unfolding some of which I spoke about in the last email. I will write more about that in the coming weeks.
I know many of you are challenged ... and I know some of you are in a whole new positive phase.
Some a clean bill of health and/or turning that corner, some money miraculously came in time and in abundance!
So for those in the midst of challenge ... tap into your dreams, focus on their unfolding, open to receiving and trust. Those in abundance ... enjoy sharing.

All the while being fearless by choosing love!  xoxo Devi

PS Will talk about parenting and teens next week ... trust and hang in there!
Outback ... In the Temple of Venus