Outback ... In the Temple of venusin the Temple of Venus

139 W. Richmond Ave Point Richmond 510 237-1199 directions
$11 $22 $33 Outback!!
HOURS: Wed. 12-8 (Farmers market 4-8) Thurs. & Fri 12-6 Sat 11-6 Sun 1-4
Hoodies (on Amira below and yes, I got more in 4 colors) scarves (over 30 varieties & 150 pieces) Vegan leather bags, cotton lycra leggings and tanks, Mary Green silk tanks (including MENS) , MG undies 3 for $11 (including MENS) , socks 3 for $11, tights 2 for $11 and other assorted clothing... $11collage
Aloha LoveTribe ...
I'm testing out an idea I've had for a bit of an $11 STORE or
$11 $22  $33 

Why 11? It's numerologically my life path and I like it! But more then that ... I've been hearing the need from many of you for a  functional, comfortable beauty lift ... like food for the soul, yet at inexpensive meal prices ... for now.

Which creates an opportunity to clear out the extra inventory that happened with the quick shift in the economy and create jobs.  I am also interested in integrating quality "recycled" clothing and remade clothing. I have a warehouse in Richmond and supplies to do this.  I was at the Makers Fair Sunday ... which was very vibrant and full . Creativity abounds!
Angel Wings
Devi trying on some new wings at the maker fair

I would still like to bring back an updated version of my past lines (eco fabrics combined with new technology) which I have designed. Though the economy right now seems to call for sale merchandise. So this kind of shop may be the next step in that direction.

So I thought I'd put it out, try it out and get your feedback.  A good time as it's before my next big shopping trip.

I am starting with $11, $22, $33, $44, $55 rack
s. Starting today.

Just trying it out for a while to see if the lower prices create enough higher volume. If this works ... I will open one shop (to begin with) in a higher traffic area ... while keeping the Citron and higher priced lines in the Point Richmond shop only.

I woke up this morning remembering the last thought of my dream which was ... it has to be the right culture ... with the idea that the culture would be creating something ... like a culture for bread or yogurt. Whatever we begin to create ... needs to begin with the right culture. You are the right culture and we would appreciate your taste testing and feedback.
xoxo Devi

Outback ... In the Temple of venus