Outback ... In the Temple of venusin the Temple of Venus

139 W. Richmond Ave. Point Richmond 510 237-1199 directions

Hours and Days: Wed-Fri 12-6, Sat 11-6, Sunday 12-4, Monday 10-6
Memorial weekend Sale and
 Point Richmond city wide annual garage sale!!
Really fun ... many garage sales going on with treasure map including large one on the town "triangle" ... see below
May 21-25 2009
Aloha LoveTribe,

End of the Spring Cleaning ...
further discount in the month long sale Outback, cleaning out my warehouse (finally!) and an opportunity to keep your closets clean ... read on ...
Citron ( worn by Leslie & Amira)
Citron Leslie/Amira
Mary Green, Johnny Was
and their various  labels ...
3J Workshop, For Love and Liberty, Pete and Greta
, Biya ...

(20% off everything else)
Cotton Hoodies

Devi in Hoodie
Everything else in the store continues to be 20% off through memorial Day ... including this hoodie ... of which more FINALLY came in. I know many have been waiting for them.
They are in black, white, plum and teal. Great fit up to x-large ... very flattering.

Only $13.60 !!
Jan Michaels Jewelry
Hundreds of pieces ...  below wholesale

Was visiting with Jan a couple of nights ago and she hooked us up with her gorgeous jewelry at "LoveTribe" prices (helps to have great friends in beautiful high places!)

Here's a Jan Michael Jewelry pic with my daughter Shaye ... who by the way is having a
half off Sale at her community closet...
La Library 380 Guerrero (just before 16th on the NW side of intersection)

La Library Hours: Wed- Sun 1- dusk 415 558-9841
  50%off everything in her closet/shop clothing, jewelry, shoes...
Fund raising sale ... raising $$ to produce her line until her financial partner comes along ... know anyone who might be interested?
Garage sale ... Memorial day May 25th
Every year Point Richmond has a huge city wide garage sale ...
it is quite a fun event

There are homes around the point that have garage sales going on and a map put out by Masquers Playhouse which it is a fund raiser for. We have cleaned out the warehouse and will have furnishing and assorted odds and ends. As will many on the town triangle/square. Starts EARLY ... though we will open at 10 am.

We encourage you to clean out your closets and will be taking in any of the clothing for exchange dollars that you no longer wear.  From now on we will be accepting clothing we sell as well as any other clothing we think will work for our LoveTribe as long as they are clean and in great condition. It will be too busy to do this on Memorial Day though ... So before or after.
See some of you this weekend!

xoxo, Devi
Outback ... In the Temple of Venus