Nameste LoveTribe ...

I was visiting all my friends at the Himalayan Fair today .. always fun ... yummy food, great music and an opportunity to buy
directly (and inexpensively) from small business owners
Today along with visiting many friends, I was hanging out with Christine, Craig, Nawang and family, in Christine's booth. Her company Cheppu manufactures in Nepal where she lived
over 30 years ago and then has been manufacturing there since. Chris comes up from Carmel Vally with Craig each year (for 23 years!)to do this fair.  It has become a labor of love for Christine, so we were looking at making it more "cost effective" and came up with my bringing Citron to her booth tomorrow...
1) to lure you into the booth and the Fair
 2) to introduce the Himalayan Fair
to those that haven't been
3) to bring off price Citron to many of you in Berkeley, for a day
4) to have Citron sales support Outback and Cheppu 
5) to visit with many of you at the fair.... so come hang with us!

Cheppu & Citron
Christine taken in her booth today wearing some of her clothing ... very light weight hand loomed cotton skirt for $36 and a few assorted Citron pieces sold at half of retail and we will honor the additional 20% off sale we are having Outback all month ... just mention your a member of the LoveTribe!
Devi & Citron will be in the Cheppu Booth on the first Isle on the
Walnut street entrance
DATE: Sunday May 17th
TIME: 10am - 5:30 pm
LOCATION: Live Oak Park
MORE: Corner of Shattuck (or Walnut) and Berryman

Also open Sunday 1-4
Outback ... In the Temple of Venus
139 W. Richmond Ave.
Point Richmond, California 94801
510 237 1199