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Yeah for MOMS!! ... in all her  care taking, unconditional loving forms!!    The most challenging job in the world ... from birthing, to teething (& biting), adventurous 2's to touchy teens (along with touchy menopausal moms ... hormonal hymns bringing us to our knees) ... 20's to solar returns (during what seems like a planetary solar return) ... and on ... letting them be themselves and learning from them while keeping a grounding home base as we navigate these shifting sands.
Momming is definitely Sainthood training!
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May 2009
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Aloha LoveTribe,

Ahhh ... back in the Bay Area, with our foggy cold spring/summer mornings!
The fear bug influenza seems to be a bit under control and I hear from my friends back in San Miguel de Allende, that things are "back to normal". After shutting down the town, with people walking around with masks and holing themselves up in their houses, even though there wasn't one case of the flu there! Obviously the most contagious disease is the fear bug ... once we learn to love that little bugger as an ally towards strengthening our trust and appreciation in and of life ... will it make us well instead of dis-eased.
The cool side of what just happened is that it showed how quickly the world can mobilize these days ... it was like a dress rehearsal. And as Swami Beyondananda says ... Instead of being directed by television ... let us "Tell A Vision" of what that performance could be!
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Interested in a warm getaway?
Casa Guadalupe in San Miguel de Allende Casa Guadalupe

One of the advantages out there from the swine flu scare are cheap airline tickets and deals on places to stay.
If the cold foggy gray is getting you down ... head for sunny Mexico. And the heritage town of San Miguel de Allende, with so many classes and cultural art, music and dance events ... it is a great place to land.

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I know many of you like to keep Outback as your best kept secret and many of you have learned the joys of sharing this beauty source. Sharing is the only sustainable way to continue. Please let your friends know we are the main outlet for Citron and Mary Green as well as an outlet for CutLoose, Johnny Was, Biya, For Love and Liberty, 3J workshop, Pete & Greta, Nataya and other great finds of clothing, jewelry, accessories and gifts. And that we are 20 minutes from SF, 10 minutes from Berkeley and 10 minutes from Marin (assuming not at rush hours).
Thanks for you appreciation and love.
love art
Outback ... In the Temple of Venus
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