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April 2009
Dear LoveTribe

Thank-you for all of your support, love and appreciation.
 So far a couple hundred of you filled out the survey, which is a wonderful response.
 Overall you're thrilled we're open, you want us open as much as possible although the above days won, and you'd like to see my designs back in the store. 
To see in more details and the responses to the questions, look to the end of this newsletter.

Outback Designs
What is happening with the production of my label?
Shaye's (my daughter) designs are on the front page of the Guardian this week! and online Premier SF magazine 7X7

A couple of years ago I did begin the process of designing and producing my line again
.  The action got stopped last year when it was time to produce the first collection - my investors got cold feet due to the economy.  I believe when times are challenging it is the best time to begin as there is nowhere to go but up!  And rents, salaries and production cost are all much less and there is also more openness to all kinds of creative solutions. I was working on knit jacquards which we love, with more environmentally friendly fibers.

As things often go, a new avenue opened up to me and I've been working as a CEO (Chief Executive Oracle) consultant. First, for the founder of a huge nation-wide  clothing company and recently a stint (with ongoing possibilities) for the founder of another multi-billion... Well I can't talk about it yet, but it has the vision of creating a vehicle for a world that works for everyone -- Wow!

In the meantime, I heard you all say you wanted pants and that was what I was starting with: The "Bottom Line".  I began with a couple of simple comfy styles and just recently my assistant from my production days, Melissa, has come on board.  Together we'll be producing a couple more styles soon.
Shaye in 7x7

I have been helping my daughter Shaye get her line going -- using the fabrics that I had designed and saved all these years. Here is a picture of her (and my cute granddog Keiki) taken for 7x7 in her great new tie style dress using my knit jacquard. Check her out.  Her designs are
on the front page of the Guardian this week!  And in the premier Sf Magazine 7X7  online blog 7x7 click here
Recycled Citron and other info Citron blouse 2

We will continue accepting Citron pieces and maybe some others labels, but Amira will be extremely picky about the other labels. (so if your sensitive to clothing rejection stick to Citron)

Amira will let you know about events at the store and you are welcome to request to do your thing here as well.  In fact, we are also renting the space.  For now a women's group has rented Monday nights.

This month we will be open Fri- Sun and if you have special shopping request times (either personal shopping or friends shopping party) you can email Amira [email protected] for an appointment.

I'm off to New York this week to co-create ways of saving the world (while laughing a lot) with Joanne, hang with Paulette, Romio, my brother James, and other friends.  To swim with some big fish and do a bit of treasure-hunting and deal-making for you all!
xoxo, Devi
Outback ... In the Temple of venus
Detailed summary on the Survey:

I've been told by quite a few of you that although you looked at the survey, it wasn't simple enough and you thought you'd get back to it later and didn't. I will be sure to make simpler ones in the future.

So what did you all say?  Of course the answers were all across the board -
there were over 200 written responses and though I can't address them all I've taken them all in.  As for the majority vote ... which I will now call "you"...

For clothing the majority of you come in for Citron and great inexpensive deals that I find. Though 25% of you also like the other labels. You would like me to bring back Cutloose and URU although most of you want me to bring back my Outback and Devi label and want to know what's happening with that.

You would like us to continue the "recycle" resale program.  You want more large and small sizes.  You like the unusual gifts that I find and come in for scarves, shawls, socks and tights. You would like us to carry natural cosmetics.

Although 25% of you would like us open on the weekdays, the majority of you said Sat and Sun.... every Sat and Sun, not just 1 weekend a month. Friday was the next popular day.

You like the idea of a membership and would join if $0 - $11 (although 40 of you would pay between $22 - $110) and that depended on if it was monthly or yearly and included the use of the space and communication post ability to the rest of the tribe.

You would like monthly emails from me and especially seem to like following my life and lessons as well as to hear about the clothes. You would like bi-monthly emails from Amira, letting you know what's new and what's happening event-wise.

Although you would like pot lucks and movie nights, the majority would prefer nights on tools to strengthen our "inner environment", our trust in life and our abilities to make it through these shifting times. Including self-esteem, beauty and love tips. And doing community projects together.

Point Richmond seems too far to go on a week night for those not living here.
Although you want me to point out that coming here is a wonderful getaway and that there is a beautiful park and walk by the water. And that it is a very safe town at night.

You really appreciate what I've contributed through Outback to you.
Save 20% You can still fill out the survey and get this discount... just mention that you filled it out to Amira.
Offer Expires: April 30