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March 2009
Aloha LoveTribe ...

For the last 9 years, since I re-opened after 9/11 to offset the fear bug infestation, the locations and times were temporary.
This time we are re-opening in the same place and in only a month! How? Why? First of all ... there were so many of you (including Amira)  that REALLY didn't want me to close. So what else is new? Well, to start with ... the desire to have this community meeting space along with the huge outpouring of support from our Point Richmond community (along with the rest of you and our long time LoveTribe).
And then ... the day after we closed (hmmm...) we were offered a better rent ... thanks to Pt Richmond neighbor, Robert, who spoke to the owner on our behalf.
On top of that ... when Elephant pharmacy closed, shocking (and scaring) many in our community ...  it felt important that we stay open, aligned with my commitment to " Fear Offsets."
In support of our continuing we would love to have your input.  I wrote a small survey, so we can see how best to serve you and re-design Outback Survey I am offering 20% off, for your time to fill out the survey (it's short) to help create a new form which works for these times, which will include:
More succinct shopping days ... making it more party-like and cost effective.
Using the space in innovative ways during the other times.

In the meantime ... I went shopping!!
I went to the Natural Product Show in Anahiem. It's one of my favorite shows to see all the latest and greatest in healthy products. I chose some of my favorites to share with you.
Then I went to Citron, Johnny Was (Biya, For Love & Liberty, 3J Workshop, Pete & Greta) and Nataya and one of my favorite "off price jobbers" to pick up some great pieces for our $11 - 18 racks.
Great pieces Great prices All sizes   
Here's our local gals Leslie (with Amira) and Betty dropping by
and adding Citron Magic to their outfits. 50% off with additional 20% if you fill out the survey!

Amira & Leslie Citron                                         CUT Loose outfit
Nataya Nataya
I was picking out things to take pictures of and said to Amira, we need a slender woman for this Nataya dress and in walked Marissa, who was happy to oblige! Here she is in this romantic Nataya dress. And she's interested in creating some fun, yummy evenings Outback ... we'll see! In the meantime ... lot's of creative pieces from Nataya from $11-59 Plus 20% off after survey!
Our Price: $39
List Price: $218

Knit basics ... Johnny Was ... additional 20% off after survey! knits
Found this fun cotton knit hoody with pockets that Amira is wearing for only $17!! Comes in 4 colors black, plum, teal and white.
  And Sara is wearing long knit tank top and knit
drape sweater from Johnny Was, which comes in bright coral, turq, purple, lime, fushia, yellow and the gray and peach shown. In sizes S - XL

Plus many other beautiful pieces from Johnny Was, Biya (cutwork on silk chiffon blouses and dresses), 3JWorkshop (embroidered fitted shirts) and Pete & Greta (delicate embroidered fine cottons and silk blouses For Love & Liberty (gorgeous applique T-shirts and beaded t-shirts) and much more ...

Favorite Products bringing ease and health ... 20% off (after survey completed)
From the Natural Product show raw fudge
What impressed me this show was seeing people my age that have worked in the health field for 30-40 years and have created a product that is the essence of their life work. And seeing young people creating from a new simplicity ... sacred seeds from the past sprouting into their special new product.

A dentist, Dr. Villarreal who was aware of the mercury/amalgam fillings risks over 30 years ago and help many avoid that as well as undo them. He created a mouthwash with essential oils (in glass as oils promote leaching of plastics) and toothpaste that he had been giving his clients for years with great results. It also prevents heart disease which often begins with bacteria in the mouth.

Then Dr. Singha Mustard Bath ... after running many auruvedic clinics in England and the States ... his greatest gift he feels is with his healing Mustard Bath that detoxifies as they relax.

The best chocolate fudge  everythingraw I've tasted made with raw chocolate and agave (low on the glycemic index), it is hard to believe how yummy and healthy ... but that is the new model!

Did you know Sweden no longer uses cleaning products! They use micro-fiber cloths  e-cloth ... not like the ones now sold here but cloths with millions of fibers in a square inch! Cloths specifically designed for different cleaning needs. Unlike any cloth you've tried ... just being distributed here after being in Europe for years.

Have you tried Ghee? ... healthy to use instead of butter (and yet is a form of butter - clarified) for more info ancientorganics.com And this brand is an award winning ... best of its kind!

Shea butter lotion ... easier to put on and in a large 32 oz pump bottle. It is a company Alaffia doing good things in Africa and to keep it going during these times they created this great value bottle ($13.75)
Gifts & Houseware 50% off
New finds Gifts

From a company I've been appreciating for awhile and worked out being able to get things at 50% off ... yeah! The few things shown here ... leaf candle, trilagy vases, cooper (and wood) canoe, cork and glass vases, felt flowers and porcelain coral. You will also find Mozambique Vases, glass cloche (bell jars) and wood Finial Boxes.
I truly see the world moving towards paradise on earth, I don't fear it although the speed sometimes takes my breath away in the middle of the night. I know others are awaken also ... deep breaths ... like in birthing babies .. along with feeling you are being taken care of will help that.
I believe as well as experience an "involution",  a coming together ... an awareness of the consciousness that we are one ... the I of Us.
Years ago on shirts which I designed, I had the words ... we drink the same water, we breath the same air. What was once a new concept is now science. That we are the water and the air as well ... is the next awareness. A consciousness that many call god and my mother called love. 

Be fearless ... choose love, xoxo Devi
Outback ... In the Temple of Venus
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