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Last weekend clearance
Feb 26-March 1       Hours: 11-6ish
closed after this until further notice
Aloha LoveTribe,

I'm writing from my Hana paradise ... the birds are singing, at the moment the sun is shining and I just ate some rambutans ... that's the yummy story... and life unfolds in the story ... talking story as they say here.

I also spent the day in my bamboo forest ... viewing life from that beautiful lens. And connecting with a young friend/son who just moved from this world and his beautiful story ... the family he created with big love and his adventurous, upbeat life. His family's loving care (especially
his wife Danica their "children" Sydney and David and mothers Kersti and Carole)  and their being with and holding of the whole process in such a loving way is inspirational. Matthew Thompson will be missed by many and carried in many hearts.

I will be back later this week for our last weekend clearance. I made another rent offer on the store which I haven't heard back from yet... we'll see what is next for our community space. Amira and I are both open to whatever unfolds.
And we are both ready to have it close either way for at least a couple of weeks.
So this weekend we are having (and making) further and final deals to clear out the shop.
Citron clearance
Shaye news
Citron clearance
All citron $20 Devi Birthday

Instead of sending to my friends with shops, I've decided to offer you all the same bulk clearance price of $20 a piece. It's my birthday on Sunday and I thought it would be fun to have the final clearance day then. Along with cake and spontaneous Outback style PARTY!
La Library Shaye's tie-shirt in La-Library

Shaye's community closet is coming along ... she's been getting press ... even the New York Times called her! Her line is also coming along well. She's been using my "vintage" Outback knit jacquards to make some new designs in (like one pictured here on the dress form) ... very fun and fresh. Now she just needs to manifest an investor to produce more ... though she's on her way! The link is press/movie clip from her last party event.

Although the grass is greener here ... I'm off to the other side for some beachy sun and fun.
xoxox, Devi
Outback ... In the Temple of venus