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139 W. Richmond Ave. Point Richmond directions 510 237 1199
Hours: Wed. - Sun 11-6
thru Feb 22nd
Aloha LoveTribe,
Not yet sure if we will be open beyond Feb 22nd, but in the meantime the party goes on ... and new beautiful accessories find their way to our Temple, including some yummy soft shawl/scarves (work well for men and women), gorgeous feather jewelry made by a wonderful woman. And although everyday is Valentines Day Outback ... we have a few specials to go with our cultural lovefest.
Mary Green Lingerie
love aways ... and always
Mary Green Lingerie
Deep discounts ... deep love

Mary Green SlipAlthough we have a few hundred pieces left, they are mostly size small. Though in certain styles, size small works for larger sizes, as do one size robes and silk "mens" PJ's. There are a couple dozen medium tanks and we have a dozen of the slips pictured here in purple size large.
Tanks $5 - $12 ($18-$81 normally)
Chemises $18 (reg $58-89) - Long Gowns $22-$28 ($121-$187) Robes $22-39 (reg $99-185) PJ's $39 (reg $126)
undies $2(normally $13-$28) See variety at Mary Green

Rolling Duffle bags $18
 Rolling Duffle Bag

How about a romantic get away? A fun gift would be to pack up a duffle bag (with maybe some lingerie? chocolate and hiking/dancing shoes?)
and an invitation to ...

Our Price: $18
List Price: $68
comes in blue, pick, green, copper brown

Hand printed cards lovebirds

On beautiful recyled Italian paper, a selection of 6 love designs of original art by my daughter Diva Linea-Carta.com
(unfortunately her latest amore designs aren't on her website ...yet!)

List Price: $6
ours $4
I recommend spending some of this Valentines day loving your favorite person ... yourself. If not now, when? You are the person you've been waiting for!
In my last email I sent a link (
which didn't work, sorry) to a late night conversation with a friend, about the graduation going on, which I feel you are a part of.  It is graduating from being at the affect of this world/classroom to being in appreciation of the lessons, gifts and beauty it offers ... read more.  Loving ourselves can be an easy job ... and someone has to do it!  Be fearless ... choose love.
xoxo Devi
Outback ... In the Temple of venus