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139 W. Richmond Ave. Point Richmond directions 510 237 1199
All clothing*, books, gifts, jewelry, socks, tights, scarves, health products, purses, an additional 50% off!
*except $11 & 18 rack and Pile Ou Face French Trench coats which I got a few extra $118
Hours: Last week!? Tues-Sunday 11-6

January 2009
Aloha LoveTribe

Well, we are scheduled to close on Sunday. It has been so fun and so vital that it is hard to believe it is closing ... hmmm. Though I love leaving from "the top", it is also a difficult place to let go from.
I know it must be odd to many of you how I "unfold" my life (and you only know the half of it!). I have learned what works for me is to acknowledge what is going on and then wait until I "feel" it is time to move, make a shift, say yes or no. And not to take action until then. Of course I did take action by beginning liquidation and then giving 30 day notice ... it felt and was right to do that. Since that time many of you have steped forward ... to shop, to offer suggestions and support (see appreciation clip)and to request that I continue to stay open, to Outback staying open. For some of those suggestions, ideas and opportunities click here.

In the meantime ... Though I went to shop for a few pieces in the sizes we were missing, I was able to get such great deals, that I bought a few hundred!
It makes our closing (?) sale even better (see below) and then I have friends with shops that want what is left.
Johnny Was, Biya, 2 Ten
300 new pieces

Lakshmi CitronI was offered a deal I knew so many of you would appreciate. So I could sell Citron at our liquidation prices and have a great exiting (?) definitely exciting, sale. Lot's of all sizes and all the different pieces many of you have asked for.
Tanks $29, sh sleeve tops $34, long sleeve $39, skirts, pants $39, dresses $49, jackets and coats $59.

 Citron assort                                                                                                                                             Lakshmi in her new Citron
Johnny Was, Biya, 2 Ten and more ... Alexis Pete & Greta

While in LA having a reunion with my Aunt Sally and couz Stephenie and Ross (my kissin' cousin that was a major support of me and the other Outback staff goddesses in the 80's), I then took the opportunity to visit Fancher and Alexis (left wearing Pete & Greta, Johnny Was) ...always fun!

I went visiting my friend who has the company with the above labels (they have about 10 different labels). And he offered me great prices as well. So had to pick up a few things ..

More Johnny Was & City Lights

CUT Loose outfitCUT Loose outfit

Aliya (back for a visit from Isreal)  Sara and Shendyl.                       Aliya's top Pete & Greta Shendyl's cool beaded hoodie
                                                                                                            Very subtle ... bling on the hood only by Biya
Sara's top and pant - and the girls skirts are
City Lights ... City Lights went out of biz $11 each
Aliya & Shendyl tops JW and

As I close this chapter ... my daughter Shaye is writing hers. And ... she was written up in a popular young blog last Friday Daily Candy
I will be sending out her invitation for a fun "Ladies Night" but you will need to sign up on her email in order to get her emails in the future (as I know you didn't sign up for that at this point and I don't want to lose you from mine).
 If we extend for a week or 2 ... Or if one of the other possibilities unfold ... I'll let you know.
In the meantime ... I'm being fearless and choosing love (of my self ... respecting my energy ... to the benefit of all) Join me xoxo Devi
Devi (CEOracle)
Outback ... In the Temple of venus
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CUT Loose outfit

My Daughter Shaye's
new Community Closet
La Library is having a
dress-up evening
Febuary 5

I will be there as a dresser and Amira as a make-up artist and there will be a great photographer and her
Photo Booth, and many
young designers

I will send out her mailer separate one time only ... If you want to be on her list, you will have to sign up on to her sight.

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Monroe wearing feathered hair clip.
In L.A. I met Judy, a native American woman, who makes these beautiful feathered hair clips. We attached it to Monroe's hat for this pic, although when attached to you hair looks beautiful and feels like hair extensions. $24