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Liquidation SAle
We wanted you to be the first to know ..
Nameste, Aloha, Hola, Hi LoveTribe ...
CUT Loose outfit
Thank-you, for so many warm wishes, for your beautiful emails, for coming to Outback, for answering our call in different ways. It added ease to this shift.
I was watching a documentory on Edgar Cayce which inspired me to tune into your reading of my last email and felt the warmth and care of so many of you. We may continue the Temple/Shop with monthly events next year ... maybe ... but in the meantime we need to liquidate to pay off bills.

A "Liquidation" ad in the Monthly is coming out next week ...
CUT Loose outfitI wanted to let you know from us first and give you time to come in and have the best selection.

We will be continuing the 25% off all clothing for the next month and then go to deeper discounts.

Shaye (my daughter), Is having a GRAND OPENING!
of her "Community Closet" clothing Library her
"Socialist Boutique"       
Tomorrow night ...
Traveller Fashion Show

A spontaneous combustion of Flamenco, Irish Gypsy songs, musicians from all walks
playing, dancing and presenting a combination of her new styles and a  retrospective of Outback Vintage (her picks).

It's interesting she's doing this ... it's making it easier for me to let go of all those samples, just as I was cleaning out the warehouse!
And at the same time I have a very exciting consulting gig that opens up more possibilities...
Shift happens and we're growing with the flow.
Join us in the adventures of creating a new world. A world that has shifted from fear to hope. As we straddle the fear manifested world while creating the hope manifested world ... we deLight in all things beautiful, sweet and loving.
Amira and I are excited by new possibilities, while we continue to serve our LoveTribe. Enjoy with us and join us, in our "fluid" state!
  xoxo Devi
139 W. Richmond Ave.
Point Richmond, California 94801
510 237 1199
Monday - Friday
(Mon, Tues, Wed call first to make sure)
Sat 11-6
Sunday 12-4ish
closed Thanksgiving
Tuesday 11/25 5-8ish
Patrice Wynne
Patrice Wynne
(founder Gaia Books)
A current expatriate living in San Miguel De Allende, is giving a lecture about living in Mexico and will have her whimsical line of aprons, robes, shirts and more on sale, this evening only. Will be a fun time!
CUT Loose outfit
Ever wondered what happened to those hippys in Hair? This picture was taken last weekend at an Antique Fair.
I've been cleaning out my warehouse (finally!) and antiques, fabrics, Vintage Outback samples and all kinds of things will be filtering through. And maybe a sale at the warehouse, too!

Spirit is the Life

Mind is the Builder

and the Physical is the Result

Realize that you are first a soul

Edgar Cayce
Save 25%
OFF on All clothing