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November 2008
New Hours: Thurs - Sat. 12 - 6 Sun 1-5
This Friday  11/14 12 - 9ish
Aloha Love Tribe,
We are living in stimulating times .. Yes we are! CUT Loose outfit
We had a stimulating evening with Van Jones whose book The green collar Economy is on the New York times best seller list. You can get a taste of him  Eco-Equity with Van Jones

Van said how no one wanted to publish his book because they said "Black people don't read "green" books and white people don't by black books (of course Alice Walker was there also and could tell you that's not true!) and they said so they didn't want his book. So he sent it out to his large "loveTribe" and they sent it to theirs and pretty soon it debut already on the New York Times Best Seller list! The power of these times and of our "tribes".
And today I went to the Pachamama luncheon, another very inspiring event of good things happening on the planet through partnership with the Shur people of the Ecuadorian rainforest and their new Symposium, Waking the Dreamer, that is bringing awareness and
inspiring action. Lynn Twist, one of the founders and an amazing woman I am blessed to call my friend (and the best fundraiser on the planet!), said today ... Fear isn't the opposite of love, it is the absence of love. So put your money where your love is, and your love and money will both grow. As she has also said many times ... what you appreciate... appreciates!
 I appreciate our Obama Mama, Lakshmi, who has been tirelessly supporting so many good works her whole life and invited (nudged) me to these 2 events!

Stimulating Angel Granting wishes
All your dreams can come true ..
they can happen to you ...

We are here for you ... to dress you to bless you ... to love and cheer you

We ask of you ... If you're shopping  come soon ... if you aren't  .. we ask
you to send our email on to friends you think would love the opportunity for beautiful clothing (et all) at great prices ... in a healing enviornment.

This angel is also available for part time work!

We are designing new ways to be of service and pay our bills during these transitional times. The time of the "Great Turning".
And we need you now ... to do this with us!
I meet so many of you around saying you haven't made it over to our "new" shop yet. IT'S REALLY NOT THAT FAR.  It is less then 2 minutes from the freeway exit. There is parking in the back, if not easily on the street. It is actually easier to get to then many of our other spaces, even though it feels like a trek.
For those that can't make the trek and want to support our community Temple of love and beauty ... there are gift certificates for the holidays, volunteering, gifting/tithing, patrons of love and beauty ...  gratefully accepted!

First Annual Point Holiday Connection
This Friday 11/14 until 9ishHoliday Connection
A GREAT time to visit us ...

5 independent women owned businesses

 Did you know  that most new jobs in the last 20 years were provided by small women owned businesses?

This Friday evening the 5 retail stores that give Point Richmond retail shopping are having
a stimulating Party! Refreshments, music, games, prizes, fun people, clothing, accessories, art (an Art opening) gifts, flowers, antiques and all kinds of treasures, always at great value and now at special sale prices.

Outback is as fun for me as it is for you ... yet it is too expensive for me to carry. Then again that may be just the opportunity needed for a community owned shop! And/or for another grassroot outpouring of support that can make anything happen ... together ... Yes we can!
 Be fearless Choose Love  xoxo Devi

Outback ... In the Temple of Venus
Save 25%
off all clothing!!!!
Offer Expires: November 30th