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Venusian News  
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November 2008                                                
HeavenHigh Lovetribe!

Yeah!! Even the cynical, depressed and hopeless among us and within us ... got moments (evening if fleeting) of joy, hope and happy to be aliveness! And others are juiced for hours, days, months, years, lifetimes! Challenges abound ... yet as we can see ... the aspects, the spirit and the unity that makes all things possible are also here.
      And as Michael Moore says, Wow, seriously Wow!

The joy of seeing the new Presidential families on stage ... a mixed stage of facilitators (instead of dictators), young, old, black, white, men ... and lot's of women!!! There is soon to be, 3 strong, beautiful, happy women in the White House, Michelle, Natasha and Malia Ann.
And speaking of beautiful women ... Alice Walker wrote an open letter to Barack, and the rest of us, sent by Jane Heaven .... which you can read here.

Here is my "Outback" tribute to women changing the world ... and gifts of spirit.
Unity Girl
Pictured is a fleeting image of Unity Girl on a brief visit in my guest room bed after a visit Outback.
Main feature (as we have many more in sizes 2T-8T) Spiral Woman dresses $24!!  with assorted prints including this print ... THE POWER  OF A GIRL   IS TO CHANGE THE WORLD .  YEAH ... Girls stepping out and up! And now is the time ...  healing mother Africa (heart stone, Shea butter) ... the compassion of Tibetans (prayer flags, Shawl) ... the beauty and chi perfection at the core of Chinese culture (embroidered boots)
... Stewardship ... Sweet Medicine Keepers ... Native People (medicine bag, dreamcatcher, animal cards) Indigenous angels (mask, embroidered heart) Expanding Love ... LGBT (rainbow medicine bag). Beauty within efficiency and organization (Baggalinni  bags, peaceful heart and flower clip flashlight keychains) And home grown creativity Outback - knit jacquard patch sweater and pillow (scraps from my design studio).

Specail Events
Point Richmond 1st annual ... HOLIDAY CONNECTIONS
Novemer 14  LIGHTS ON until 9ish

All the local retailers will be serving up refreshments as well as
specail offers. Stores include your Outback, Guiellermina (fun and unusual collection of Asian Arts and Antiques) Hydrangea (flowers, gifts and chocolates), The Art Lounge (fun gifts at outlet prices), Ginger Springs Spa and an Art opening at  TSOKA Design.
More info next week!
Your Private Shopping Party
Birthdays, fundraisers ... Outback Private Birthday Party

In the past there have been private parties and fundraisers, both personal and/or for favorite organizations. Gather a shopping party ... your personal, professional or "favorite cause" "LoveTribe) (great to do this time of year) and recieve a percentage of the sales as well as free party space and snacks!
This also helps us make better use of our time and space here in Point Richmond ... as it isn't  the best retail traffic area.... yet!

Notice New Store Hours (top of page) The combination of our location and the economy is not only inspiring us to new forms of shopping parties and gatherings, it is also leading us to experimenting with hours.
                        WE WOULD LOVE YOUR INPUT ON THIS!!

Although I didn't list all the wonderful clothing items, accessories and gifts in this email, we have new things coming in all the time. Hats, scarves, jackets, new cashmere sweaters, jewelry, fun gifts ... the best selection of Citron around ... abounds, as well as all the other great lines we carry.
It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life ... and I'm feeling good.
Thanks for all of your love, apprecaition and support,
xoxo Devi

Outback ... In the Temple of venus
 20% off
on 1 item
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