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October 2008
Aloha LoveTribe,

Yes, these are interesting times ... I've been traveling a bit and noticing that it's a wonderful time to practice staying present ... and not succumb to the allure of fear.
The consciousness of the world is changing.  People are more awake to Now, to the peace available in the present moment, and it's right in step with the unsettling and upsetting of our "apple carts".
Speaking of apples ...
I went to the farm in Washington (an abundance of apples this year, since we've been hosting bees with hives and a beekeeper), to spend time with Robert and Betty (his mom who was also visiting) as well as a couple of the brothers. Wonderful sharing these times and all the different points of views which have their merit as well as their
Robert's women
Betty is such an inspiration! She is in her 80's having raised 6 children (3 of her brother's when he and his wife died suddenly in a car accident ... all at young ages). Seeing a life well lived, a wonderful husband of almost 60 years and since his graceful passage, courageously continuing to create a new adventurous life.
She travels to exotic places, plays tennis, gardens, hikes and visits her family. She is always curious with an open mind (though certainly grew up with the many points of view from the different generations she's lived through) and is a great pollinator of many cross views, shared with compassion and wisdom.
Robert just had his 60th birthday, he's looking so great as well, and happy to be with his 2 favorite women!
After we had a fun 60th party, I went to LA for new merchandise for the store and managed to slip in a fun time with my home/family there.
New Citron ... at last! I went shopping in LA ... to Citron, Nataya, Johnny Was, Biya, For Love and Liberty, Pete and Greta ... and more ...
Huge new assortmants of beauty ...Devi Beach dress

Had a wonderful visit with Alexis and Fancher. They take such good care of me! And, finally able to score more wonderful Citron pieces.... YEAH!   Then Alexis and I tried on pieces and did this photo shoot at her house by the beach. Here's just a few ... gorgeous printed cut velvets ... including Plus Sizes!

Alexis beach photo


                                        CUT Loose outfit
More Citron ... at the beach house
 Alexis on deck                    Alexis Citron velvetDevi on stairs                               Alexis on stairs
Next week ... some more pictures of Men's shirts, plus sizes, petite, flannels ... New pants and blouses by Devi (me!) Great new gift items, new purses, belts, Bagalinni ... more
Johnny Was, Biya, 3J Workshop, For Love & Liberty, and more...

Coats, pants, blouses, teeshirts, sweatshirts, dresses ... gorgeous pieces ... and even better prices! These should be arriving today ... if your coming this weekend for these lines call first. I'll have pictures next week.
 I am blessed! I have balance and the ability to return to the present moment, instead of being held hostage by fear. I have the ability to trust and move forward no matter what. I've had my share of challenges, yet I've also had more then my share of love, adventure and beauty.
I've been blessed by a large clothing industry community that have contributed their beautiful clothing at prices my diverse community can afford.
 I'm so happy to be in life, to have such a wonderful community, family, friends ... and all the rest of the creatures of this world ... the beauty of the skies, the wind, rain, forests, deserts ... and the fun, joy and beauty ... of being your "dresser"  xoxo Devi

Be Fearless -Choose Love

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