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Sept/Oct 2008                                                   ... Diva beauty
Dear LoveTribe,
This last week, I went to Optimum Health Clinic with Diva ... my strong, beautiful, poetic daughter (who by the way is having a show of her paintings beginning Oct. 4th at Lola on College Ave - see her not updated website www.linea_carta.com )

We went to OHI to detox, cleanse and spend time together ...  cleansing the body, mind and spirit. During this time, it came up that a partnership opportunity with a powerful businessman that I had been engaged in developing for quite some time fell through ... and out it went with the rest of my toxins!

The night I came back, the movie Dangerous Beauty appeared in my mailbox and I watched it. It had been highly recommended by a friend as an all time favorite and I can see why. For those who haven't seen it, it was about a Venetian Courtesan just as the Inquisition (witch burning) was beginning. It made me realize how far we as women have come and also how little has changed. Would Palin be getting any attention at all if she wasn't a dangerous beauty?

Beauty in all it's forms can be intoxicating ...  and having released toxins all week I can see how dangerous it can be. And yet it can also be awe inspiring as beauty is the face of God(dess).
  I've been being with emptiness ... with toxins ... with beauty ... with power .... all still brewing. And from this brew bubbled up a call from Lili ( the sweetest beauty who has taken care of us for many years now) of Mary Green Lingerie letting us know it was time to release more silky delicacies to us.
Mary Green, the founder, this year won the prestigious Vision Award ... "Women of Vision Leadership" another beauty doing good things with her business and the people it touches.  They used to have a yearly very popular warehouse sale ... and for the last 5+? years we have been the warehouse sale .. lucky us!

Mary Green Lingerie
Sylvie & Mado
Mary Green Lingerie www.marygreen.com
Check out the site to see the variety of pieces we have and read Mary's Blog ... fun!
Makes Great Gifts Marry Green Camisole

It"s time for Mary Green's clearance ...
we get to do!
Silk ... camisoles, chemises, slips, gowns, robes, undies
 PJ's, scarves, bedjackets, robes, fun Maribu delicacies ... & more
50-80% off  reg. retail!!
Sylvie & Mado Sylvie & Mado outfit

More of those soft, stretchy, flared, roll waist pants that so many of you love ...
in new fall colors!   (and only $36!)

Plus matching drapey jackets as well as this shorter printed
version. Plus tops and other assorted pieces.

Thank-you all for BEingYouToFull ... being and seeing beauty in so many forms. And by acknowledging these forms together we become the eyes of the beholder ... becoming awe inspiring instead of intoxicating... we create a saner world ... may it be!

With love and respect  xoxo Devi

Outback ... In the Temple of venus
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