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Aloha LoveTribe,

Joanne and I have been having  fun visiting with friends and having many spontaneous coaching sessions. We are enjoying how, what we like to do (hanging out getting to the heart of the matter), is such a gift to other people ... from a multi billionaire friend running a huge company, a political hero or a group of accomplished women who still struggle with taking care of themselvesfinancially (admitting their needs  and asking for help ... sound familiar?).
Happy Hat Day ... Sundays
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HAppy HAt Day ... Sundays
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It doesn't seem like we will be making it to Burningman this year, so I thought to bring a bit of Burningman to Point Richmond. Which is dressing for fun and adventure. It was amazing to see how everyone Joanne and I ran into, had fun seeing us ... how much conversation, interaction and joy it sparked just walking a block to breakfast with these hats on. One woman asked if it was Happy HAt Day and we said, Yes, Sunday in Point Richmond is HAppy Hat day! So there you have it ... if you come Sunday bring your happy hat ... or we'll put one on you.
Celebrating the Unconventional ... SALE Kersti and Hubby in Citron

40% off all clothing
(except 1 rack)
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Kersti and Jeff in Citron
Kersti lived with me and worked with me about 30 years ago ... here she is with her sweet husband.Jeff modeling her new Citron Coat, with Jeff in a Citron Shirt.

Come play with a new self image ... we will feature those who step out of their niche and embrace the unconventional!

 One of our LoveTribers' Patricia Ellsberg sister, Barbara Marx Hubbard was invited to the Big Tent at the convention to launch the establishment of a Citizens Solutions Council in the White House. They will make a similar presentation at the Republican National Convention in September.

Barbara is the first woman whose name was placed in nomination for Vice President of the United States at the Democratic National Convention in 1984. In her acceptance speech, she brought forth the idea of a Peace Room as sophisticated as our War Room, to map, track and empower what is working in the world.

Now in 2008, at the Big Tent in Denver Co. she is leading a grassroots movement to establish a Citizens Solutions Council in the Office of the Vice President, which will function to identify, connect, communicate and build on citizen-based solutions to our Nation's problems.

The Democratic Convention continues to inspire the possibilities for change and rejuvenation and the unconventional ... yes we can!
xoxo, Devi
Outback ... In the Temple of Venus
40% off All clothing (except 1 rack)
25% off everything else

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