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We will be open Labor Day Sept 1 from 12-5ish
Aloha LoveTribe,

I realize there are so many new "lovers" in our LoveTribe ... that I need to explain what I mean by this. The shop is also my/our "Temple" of love and beauty. There is a longer mystical story attached to this, which I will write and put online at a later date. For now, I just want to let you know that opening the flow of love and beauty (which includes expanding our view of beauty ... as you know "beauty is in the eye of the beholder") is my mission in life and doing this in a fun, open to all way is my path. BeYouToFull. So by proclaiming Outback as a "lovezone", there is an expectation and awareness of the safe space to be in this natural state. And having Amira host the party, really makes this easy. Her mission is to be in joy and share this, and she is an excellent stylist, which you can read a bit about by clicking on her name. I will be hosting the dressing party these next 2 Sundays as she will be traveling across the country with her mom (another joyful, stylin' babe!). My friend Joanne, whose marketing campaign was voted #17 most effective campaign in the top 100 campaigns over the last 100 years, will be with me. (The "don't leave home without it" and "Do you know me?" for American Express), among many other well known campaigns. She also may be available during the 2 weeks with me to consult if you need that kind of support/inspiration.
New pants
Labor Day Sale
starting with the bottom line
FleecyPantOne of my favorite things to wear when it's a bit chilly (or very chilly), are made with cotton/lycra fleece.Very cozy, warm,comfy ...  yummy.
I also like a soft but sturdy cotton/lycra ... more like a strong hug, a taunt though plump second skin.
So my first pant to produce is one of my favorite boot cut pants with no side seam, feels good to the touch ... smooth stroking. I'm wearing these pants and you can see what kind of mood they put me in! The only problem with these is they are hard to take off ... even comfy to sleep in ... exercise in ... around the house ... out shopping ...
They are dyed in 4 colors that I feel like wearing. I'm hankering less black and more colors. These are indigo/slate blue, rustic brown, plum and dark bamboo green. The 4 colors of the pants we're wearing and holding in this picture.
The price is $59.There won't be any discount on these.

Perrena came in today, just as I was trying on the pants from having brought them back from the dyer. And was just in time to try them on. She loved them and did get the outfit she is wearing. They are preshrunk.The inseam on a medium is 30" and has a 1" difference in length on each size.
Sizes S,M,L,XL,XXL and 3XL

LaborDay Sale 
Putting a new L word for Labor Day ... hmmm an opportunity for a pun here.
LOVE ... as Kahil Gribran said, in the Prophet ... (a new view of profit) "Work is love made visible"  And it is essential that we appreciate the work of all ... our interdependence... our life depends on the work of so many.

We are beginning the sale this weekend, for our current tribe and will extend next weekend to all, including future tribe!

This weekend ... beginning now ... we are extending the 25% off on one item to 25% off everything in the store except for one rack of items, and specials ... like ...
We just bought a thousand pairs of socks, tights and hosiery. They are current goods that were saleswomen samples from a friend who I have bought from over the years. Some fabulous styles, and all sizes including queen, tall, petite, and Mens. The socks are $4 or 3 for $10 (normally $6- $18) and tights at $12 or 2 for $20  (normally $22 - $44). Plus a collection of hats at wholesale and below prices.
Next weekend the sale will go to 35-50% off.

See you soon!   xoxo, Devi & Amira
Outback ... In the Temple of venus
Save 25% Off everything in the store, except one rack and specials.