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Aug 2008
Aloha LoveTribe,

To Stimulate your coming to the Point this weekend ... we are offering 25% off on any one item ... including the 50% off rack and new items.
New in this week ... cool rain resistant jacket/coats, beautiful shawl sweater jackets, stretchy, flattering dress pant, all the Citron brought back from the festival that didn't yet find it's "goddess".
 Plus ... there are still hundreds of beautiful pieces of Citron, Biya, Johnny Was, For Love and Liberty, 3J Workshop, Another,
Cut Loose ... and the recycled Citron rack which has gorgeous golden oldies showing up daily. And jewelry, readers, gifts, socks, shoes, shawls, books, cards, bags ...
Michigan Women's Music Festival
New Items
Michigan Women's Music Festival
Women's safe space Michigan Women
I was walking to dinner down the road on the way to the huge tent that feeds the thousands of women participants 3 times a day, when I heard a young child of about 3 say to her or his mother...
"What would happen if a stranger came in here?"
I wish everyone (including men) could feel what a completely safe space feels like. A place where every age, shape, size, color is honored and feels whole just as they are. Join me in creating that kind of love and safety Outback
in our Temple where it is safe to BeYouToFull ...

I wish I had captured more of the diversity in my photo's but was too busy dressing. I have a reputation as the "magic dresser" ... I just pull out the perfect piece ...
The dresser coming your way soon ...
Jackets Amira in Rain Jacket

 Amira in drape jacket

 Amira in rainjacket, hood zips out of collar comes in 4                                                Wearing the drape jacket, can also     colors.     Also wearing the woven rayon/lycra pant.                                                    cross over and button, for a drapy top.

Jacket $59                                                             Shawl Jacket $39
Pant $37

I will be around this weekend and look forward to seeing many of you.
xoxo Devi
Outback ... In the Temple of venus
P.S. Shaye is opening a new Biz and needs a partner... and some props and ....
Shaye is opening a new concept shop that  is fun and revolutionary ... will keep women feeling beautiful and new in a way that is  lighter on the planet and the pocketbook ... but unlimited in dressing possibilities.  I'll let you all know about it when it's open ... in the meantime ... She needs a managing partner ... someone who is good at organizing and  managing the space and  finances ... I can mentor if the aptitude is there. Let anyone know who might be interested. She also needs props for her  Boudoir like shop ... if you have any extra cool lighting, screens, chair etc., for loan  or trade.... she also needs extra hands for remodeling, $$, loans ... The shop is at Guerrero and 16th and is opening sometime next month. Email Shaye [email protected]Shaye at home
 25% off any one item ... including the 50% off rack, jewelry, gifts, shawls, shoes, bags, socks

Offer Expires: Aug 25