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August 2008
Aloha LoveTribe,
As you read this I will be in Michigan, at the Women's Music Festival ... maybe listening to some great music under the stars or thunder in my tent ... dressing the amazing diversity of women ... or being inspired by the irreverence of a comedian, the power of a dancer ... the soul of women.
I'm writing before I leave to be sent next week to let you know of one of my favorite pants and another favorite of many of you, that should be in store when you read this. And to remind you of the sale going on and the evening Point Richmond special events.

Favorite pants
Promotion Title
Bringer of great pants Ginger

Ginger was my assistant many years ago ...  (a great assistant!) who has been working with Louise at Sylvie & Mado,
and brings us these great flowing, wide leg, roll waist ... pant.
They come long ... and can be hemmed just by cutting!
Comes in this light gray, dark charcoal, black, brown, olive and deep purple. Most women wear them with a long top. Only $36

CUT Loose outfit                             Ginger is wearing a                                                                Citron silk duster

                                                We still have a great Citron selection!!
Everywear Pant CUT Loose outfit

These are my favorite all round pant from Be Present ... Super comfy ... stretchy, yet holds it's shape, extremely light weight and dries in a few minutes. They are also very flattering. Great for travel. Comes in Black, charcoal,and brown.


I'll be back next week ... eeeya luego! xoxo Devi
Outback ... In the Temple of Venus
P.S. We will be open Tues 5-8:30
and Friday 11-8:30ish

Point Richmond partying on the square

A block party on the square Tuesday eve 5:30 - 8:30
A music concert on the square Friday 5:30- 8:30