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Aloha LoveTribe!
Ahhhh ... Hana ... for those that don't know ... it is the paradise where my home and husband has taken root.
I woke up this morning with a woman raging about her good for nothing husband ... trouble even in paradise.
It woke me up in time for some yummy
good lovin' with my husband, Robert, before he was off to work. And woke me up to how lucky I am to have an amazing, spiritually evolved, socially aware leader in greening the world and my life... and so healthy and handsome too! And not only can he handle my "marraige" to my assorted communities/lovetribes ... he encourages everything that brings me fullfillment. While loving me completely for 15 years. Wow!

 Then I went for a walk to the top of a hill with a gorgeuos view of Hana town, the ocean, mountains, amazing skies, with the blessing of showers on the way down.

A girl could get addicted to this ... though I will probably be back to my Bay Area paradise late next week.
In the meantime ...
Recycle your Citron!
Clean out your closet ... let someone else enjoy that beautiful piece you no longer seem to be wearing and get a new look.
Clothing covers us, hides us, keeps us warm, helps us "fit in" ... and also adorns us, an offering placed on our personal "Temple", inspires us and others .. adds beauty to our world, feeds the soul ... and is often the best therapy.
It is consuming and like all consumption, needs elimination to stay healthy. We are starting with Citron recycle (cleaned and in good condition) and will be adding more lines as we go along.
You will be getting about 25% of what you originally paid in credit, and we will be selling it at approximately 50% of our oringinal price, which would be 25% of regular retail price.
Shelly and Karen have been "donating" beautiful clothing that are in good shape and in the stlye/lines we sell. We put them on our "outside" sale racks and they have been gratefully and quickly nabbed! There are those that appreciate great deals, though need them new and those that like recycled and even better prices. Either way, we are adding new ways to be of service to our community, to beauty and to a fun creative positive spirit in these ecomoically challenging times

  Citron by my favorite Bilimbi pickle tree
citron in paradise
This is such a cool tree with these pickles hanging all over them that taste like sour grass.
Crunchy, juicy and kind of lemony sour. I like to eat them or add to guacamole or stir fried veggies. Oh yeah ... a pretty cool blouse, which I throw over my jungle clothing to go out to dinner

Outback ... In the Temple of venus