Outback in the Temple of Venus
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White Tara's ... Romio ... This Sunday
5/25/08     4-6ish
Regular hours Wed.-Sat. 11-6 Sunday 1-6
New !!
I went shopping for you...
Magic Robe
Magic Citron Robe on my balcony this morning.

Lot's of new pieces in all sizes! xs-3x
Citron shirts
 JohnnyWas TenTenFive Biya
Pete &Greta Another
For Love & Liberty
3J Workshop

Free gas and toll ... Store  Credit
to and from Outback!
(maximun $15)

Offer Expires: June 30
Romio Shrestha - White Tara's Romio
shopping in VegasRomio sees the divinity in each person in such a way that they feel it in themselves. He is a master at manifesting the Goddess all around him ... because he sees her in us all. As he sees the Buddha in all.  He says he wants to live in Heaven now and the way he does that is by having all the Gods and Goddesses around him in life. Come hang with us in Heaven this Sunday.
Romio will tell the magic story of his life and share his gorgeous books of T'angka paintings in the Celestial Gallery and new book, Goddesses, new childrens book Thunder Dragon and maybe share an original painting.
Come be with Romio and I ... and many of my wonderful family/friends...
Martyn ...magician (real magic and sleight of mind), musician, Mystic mmm... Dana Ulman ...
Homeopathy's hero ... My love Robert ... channel of spirulina, bamboo, hugs and kisses ... Suzanne Kaspar... photographer capturing incredible beauty ... Karen Klabor, editor of The Monthly ...Karen La Puma  spiritual guide through astrology, tarot and intuition... the list goes on  ... though the rest of the invitation calls have yet to be made  ... calling all Gods and Goddeses...
Henna Artist
Karen Berman
Henna feet
On Mother's Day Karen painted beauty on backs, arms, legs and my feet! It has lasted a couple of weeks and very fun for the summer wear. She's amazingly quick and will be available thos Sunday Outback from 1-4 ... until Romio's event begins.

Outback ... In the Temple of venus