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Spring Shipments of all our favorites ... at great discounts!
Citron, Biya, Johnny Was, Ten Ten Five,
For Love & Liberty, Pete & Greta, 3J Workshop,Pile Ou Face, Mystyq,Mary Green Lingerie, Jacklyn Bennett Lingerie ... XS to 3X (in Lingerie as well!)
passion Hello Love Tribe,
Every time I come back to the Bay Area, I so appreciate being here, the beauty of the area, and my wonderful community.
I went to LA and where I visited Fancher and Alexis, who are both doing great. Alexis came with me shopping to Citron and Johnny Was (Biya, For Love and Liberty, Pete & Greta, Ten Ten Five, 3J Workshop) and we picked up many fabulous pieces for ourselves and you all.

I also went to the Natural Products show, to find the latest and greatest of the healing, healthy products ... which I'll write about as they come in.

Then I went to a quaint beach town an hour out of Boston  where I was introduced by a friend and biz partner ** " East coast Love Goddess making love goddess clothing, meet West coast Love Goddess making love goddess clothing"  ** Well East coast Love Goddess was amazing and lived in a gorgeous paradise she created and had a wonderful company/family that makes beautiful lingerie. We are looking at partnering in producing my clothing line. She has socially & environmentally, award winning factories with the best quality I have ever seen. So we'll see what unfolds with this story.
In the meantime, I bought some of her lingerie (at great prices of course!) Which will be in next week.  I bought larger sizes (up to 3x) and more constructed pieces, to fill in the 600 new pieces that just arrived from Mary Green Lingerie.

Amira in CitronSo many new pieces ... dresses, blouses, skirts, coats, jackets, pants. 

Boiled wool embroidered jacket (also in coats in 3 colors), with a crinkle irredescent rayon embroidered jacket/blouse and silk pants. Worn by Amira right

Citron blouse with Mystique pant (new style) below

Citron's spring linen sweaters, tank, cardigan with cut silk skirt below left

Citron    Citron sweaters&skirt
Biya, Love & Liberty, 3J Workshop, etc.
These lines are so amazing ... the embroidery, unique stitches, buttons, details and new embellishment techniques. We have coats, jackets, blouses, shirts, pants, T-shirts,dresses in silk chiffon and charmouse, cottons, bamboo, wool, rayons and more.

JW Dress
Nora in Johnny Was Here's a Johnny Was dress worn by Amira with a Citron tie or wrap linen sweater over it and Nora wearing the same dress belted. (over a 40 year age span ... it works!)

Mary GreenLingerie
Mary greenYou can check out the website to see all the great styles and check the prices ... ours are 50-80% off!

A few weeks ago I got a staff infection ... that skin eating disease Mercer (or mersa) ... and miraculously healed it! It can be very resistant to antibiotics ... which I don't like to take and I had just seen a testimonial on the use of acidic water from this Japanese Kagen machine we had at Outback last summer. Once I started soaking with the water in compresses, it quickly (5 days) healed.I wanted to share this for those interested in the healing waters of this machine which has been used in Japanese hospitals for 30 years.  I am now using some healing oils for the scars that were left ... yet fading daily.
As it happened, although it didn't make me happy, I was interested in why it happened and how I would heal it.  I know many are envious of my life (as so many of you have communicated) and I do have a wonderful and amazing life. Yet it is often the challenges that stretch me ... to live in a magical way. I am definitely not into suffering ... I know the Buddhist teachings say, Life is suffering ... but I don't buy that rumor.
I know there is suffering that happens, yet when we don't suffer over our suffering it leaves room for enJOYment.  So I find new ways to be with the process, and then I get to share what I've learned ... which reinforces my lessons ... So thanks for listening!

We now have the best selection yet in our new shop here ... so come check it out ... I will be around this weekend with Amira so come visit.
We will be having our "Temple" open for "service" on Sunday from 12-4ish.
Be Fearless - Choose love

Outback ... In the Temple of Venus

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