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shopping in Vegas After a fun,full day of shopping at the Trades Shows in Las Vegas ... hanging with my gal pals Katrina & Jan at Cesar's Palace.

Spring emerging ... In the Temple of Venus ... new treasures coming in daily ... I will email with updates.
*Bonjour Love Tribe,

I'm feeling a new me emerging, a new hope in the world emerging, new positive patterns surfacing and taking hold. Have you noticed how stubborn old patterns continue to come up... and then they lose their steam half way through their dramas? ... as the new awareness claims the domain...

Sounds like Spring ... though not only spring of 2008 ... spring of this new century ... maybe even the millennium ... the dawning of the age of Aquarius ... the age of the curious, of open mind/open heart ... open to the flow of love and beauty.

 What seeds have you planted? Being the spring of the Spring (a long Spring) ... there is still time to plant. What is essential to the yumminess of your life? Of life
                                       ... as it's all relatives...

* I love Paris in the springtime 
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Functional Fabulous French ... Coat
The French Trench Coat ... Very Stylin'!... inspiring the adventurous... mysterious ... romance of life ...

Our Price: $ 144.00            List Price: $298
Amira wearing a super comfy, extremely flattering, waterproof coat from Pile Ou Face, with a fleece lining  and zip off hood... sized to fit xs - 2x also in Black
Tashi's  fun rufflyAmira & Tashi French Trench coatscrinkly rain (or shine) coat in a silver blue, also comes in a gold brown.
Our Price: $79

2 way sweater 2 way cardigan
Jane ( a LoveTribe member now living in Albuquerque ... but drops by whenever she's in town) is wearing this sweater cardigan the long version and Amira is wearing it short with a shawl collar. This sweater/cardigan also comes in chocolate brown.
Our Price: $78

Tahsi is wearing a long silk blouse

Our Price: $36 Reg. $78

bags Accessories
Fun applique bags
from Bored
Frensh leather purse
from Pile Ou Face turns into a back back
Bracelet bag ... looks good on your wrist (sm only) & keep from losing. Many more bags, including great travel bags from Baggalini.                   Also shown Crochet  70"s Shawl

Jewelry Jewelry
We have jewelry from 3 local designers, and assorted finds and now over 100 pieces from a new friend of mine, whearringso imports from Venice Italy  and gave me great prices, that allow me to sell to you  this gorgeous collection, below  whole sale!

Shawls & Scarves
shawls on Amira
Amira wearing one of the many beautiful Shawls.... as a headwrap and over her shoulders. Her fashion tip ... having a shawl for layering is not only a beautiful accent ... but very practicl in these changing weather season.

Buy one for you and a friend ... 2 for 1
or 25% off!
 Our price:  $33
(before discount)

Levi's straight leg "vintage" cut
comes in this light wash or dark indigo  (Amira's holding)
Cotton lycra t-shirt

Our Price: $39 $29
List Price: $79  $68

Mystyq Pants
One of our favorites Mystyq knit pant ... hand painted, super comfy, very flattering ... the heavy ctton lycra ... molds you into a very shaply form. Comes in 4 differnt designs and colors, including solid.
Our Price: $69
Pants also in stock, wide leg knit pants 4 colors. $39
 Leaf Lights
leaf lights
Made from real leaf "skeletons" ... strings of lights, multi colored or solid colors

Feeling Spring emerging with a new birth this day for me ... and on my birthday! 57 and for those into numerology .. an 11 which is my life path number. I'm "coming out" to my fullest hearts desire ... an adventure ... join me. If you'd like to get me a birthday gift... come into Outback this month,or order from this email or soon to be a functional website shop, and buy a gift for yourself.
Save an additional
It's my birthday! (March1)
You get 10% off for my birthday!
If you are born in March  or are a pices ... you get 10% off for your birthday too.
(we always have 10% off birthday gift)
Offer Expires: March 31