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139 W. Richmond Ave. On the triangle/square
in the peaceful small town oasis of Point Richmond

Only 10 minutes from Berkely or Marin!
510 237-1199 for directions go to devijuice.com
Hours: now open EVERY DAY!
Monday - Saturday 11-6 Sun 12-5
      Amira will be there Wed - Sun & Tashi Mon & Tues
and me droping by199

January 2008
Unmasking the New Year
designing anew ... you
Nameste, Hola, Aloha ... Hi LoveTribe ...
Robert and I went to a masquerade Ball on New Years Eve ... unmasking for the New Year. (picture above)
It is an interesting time ... although many are feeling an imminent recession/depression ... the mood for this new year is very upbeat. Right now I'm in New York at some trade shows, and all my friends showing here are saying it's the best show in years ... go figure!
And  Girl (including you guys ...equal time from boy o boy) ...  have I hit beautiful weather! I'm loving walking the streets and being with my family/friends here. I haven't been here in years and as you can hear having a great time!

Before I left for New York ... I went "shopping" and re-outfitted myself. Right now I'm wearing some great comfy strecth corderoy jeans ... which I found (one of those magical synchroniscities) a great source of pants that I am able to get discounted for ya'll. I am also wearing an Outback "vintage" top and loving it ... and getting a lot of attention for it!
I am inspired and moving forward with the my clothing line DeVenus.DeVenus

Well, Change appears to be the new black ... for designing anew ... you ... 40% off on any ONE piece of clothing. A magical piece from our "Love Temple" for this magical new year.

Of course the primaries are getting lot's of attention from my friends here, so I have been watching them a bit (I don't have TV at home) and I watched the Colbert Report ... (he's my favorite)  and
the message is change.

Numerologically this is a 1 year ... that is the year of new beginnings. I had a small gathering for pre new years eve ... the request was that we speak only that which we want to bring into this new beginning. I invite you to watch your words and utter only those which bring love, peace, beauty, joy, inspiration (and anything else you want to bring) into our lives for this magical new beginning ... To our New Year!

Be Fearless Choose Love ... beauty ... and a joyful perspective