Hours:  Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, & Sun  11-6
OK New directions!! After the first time you will see how easy and quick it is.
Merge from 80 onto I-580 W toward RICHMOND / SACRAMENTO.
Turn LEFT onto CANAL BLVD. (first left)
Turn RIGHT onto W CUTTING BLVD. (2nd light)
Turn LEFT onto S GARRARD BLVD. (where road stops)
Turn RIGHT onto E RICHMOND AVE. (street before the tunnel)
End at 139 W Richmond Ave (on the Bay side of street)

Phone 510 237-1199

Tis the season

To relax ...

Aloha Love Tribe ...
DeviYes, tis the season people seem to get more stressed ... hmmm. Let's try something new ... Let's go with the flow ... be in the unfolding ... or as those ushers of the 60's generation (the Beatles) said, Let it Be .... let it be ... let it be ... let it be .... and party ...
Now I'm just letting it be ... the store is still coming together ... And once again the community is building it. A beautiful Art Show of paintings are being put up ... and slowing (OK quickly, but if I wasn't letting it be ... I'd feel it was slow because we're open and it's not "done") the space is forming ... merchandise is coming in ...
people are coming in ... The following pictures are from today.
And Amira is coming!!! She will be here from Sat. on ... to serve, to style, to visit and bless this new space ... Yeah!
Biya, Johnny Was, ten ten five, For Love & Liberty, Pete & Greta, 3J Workshop  ... Many great shirts,cut work & embrooidered blouses, gorgeous coats and jackets ... beautiful,cozy sweatshirts, pants art, skirts, velvet shirts ... incredible embroidery and style.3J Worksop
Biya coats
Jenny & Shaye in Citron
Coats, Jacket, silks, velvets in the beautiful fabrics you'd expect from Citron.Jenny in a lined silk jacket and Shaye wearing a velvet dress, with one of the new beaded belts.

Jenny in CitronVenusian Citron
Bamboo & Organic Cotton
Dance in clothes
Knits from HT Naturals, pants and teeshirts, long and short sleeve, men & womens.

Shown here Shaye wearing leggings (long and scrunchy with snaps up the bottom), Hooded rhinestone long sleeve Tee & cashmere sweater from Johnny Was
Michelle Moquin PJs and Mary Green Lingerie
Michelles PJsOur LoveTribe member Michelle, has brought her Stylin' PJs to Outback at below wholesale prices (she knows what you like!). You can see them on her site
 We also have some Mary Green lingerie at 75% (or less) off.

Hot off the Truck .... Gifts, Jewelry, health products ...
Biya coatHeather in a Biya coat ... so cool, comes in brown too!
Jewelry, gifts, cards, Hats ...
Health Products ... I found some fun items at the Natural trade show ...
Enhancemints ... peppermint breath mints that  stimulate the libido ... and they work!!
Vanishing Cream ....
Feel like removing hair from some part of your body?
Well this product dissolves hair in minutes to the follicle and keeps hair from growing back! And is good for your skin ... shown by extensive research and 10 years use.
Maca Bars Delicious, uses agave which is low on the glycemic index, macca which is an energy enhancer (also stimulates the libido).. I think there is a theme here...
The theme is spending time taking care of our most intimate Temple ... our bodies, our energy, our spirit ... polishing our facet of this crystal called life ... a gift for the season ... love .... xoxo Devi