Outback ... In the Temple of Venus
Outback's Holiday Temple Shop
We're still putting our new Holiday + ? Shop together...
it will be complete by next weekend, but in the meantime...
I ambitiously put a last minute ad in the Monthly saying
we're open ... so ... We're open!
Thurs.(except today) through Sunday 11-6
Point Richmond
139 W. Richmond Ave.    Get off at Canal, 1st left, 2nd right to end at Garrard, left, then right on W. Richmond Ave., 2 blocks down on the left.

Visit us in this peaceful little town only 10 minutes from Berkeley
or Marin, 20 minutes from S.F. Less than 2 minutes from the freeway.
I just moved here, living in a wonderful home on the water and loving it! There are wonderful treasures ... shops and restaurants here, which I will  share about next email and/or when you drop by.
Nihou LoveTribe!
I've been back from China for a couple of weeks. China as I'm sure many of you have heard is building at an amazing pace. I've never seen so many high rises or lived so high in the sky! I was hosted and toasted ... 12 course meals, special "key to the City" evening, visiting Shanghai, Ningbo, Wuxi, Yeng Cheng and Hong Kong.
In Ningbo store names like Peace, Growth Love, PeaceBirds, Freethinker are the fashion of the times.
The peace sign is in ... the 60's have arrived! My favorite song was written on one of the windows ... IZ's version of What a Wonderful World.  And of course business is booming. The standard of living is going up on all levels ... not just the wealthy.
I had a great Halloween evening (it's very popular) with Georgina's dad, and my friend, Wayne, who started Calvert Socially Responsible Mutual Funds. He has been spending a lot of time in Asia, planting the seeds of socially responsible investing. I spent an evening in a Temple Park in Hong Kong with Wayne, Roshi Joan Halifax (there to teach) and our friend Kam (Mark) Sung who I stayed with. I got Kam a "magic" shirt from the Love Temple and he's been emailing me all the magical things that have unfolded as he wears it... fun!
I now appreciate what is happening in China much more ... from a global citizen view and through local eyes and hearts.
    Peace Girls
Thanks giving ...
May we reveal and revel in Gratitude ...I am so grateful ... (among MANY other gifts)

To be able to see and feel the love of so many friends around the world, and their easy acceptance of my love.
To have a wonderful, supportive Bay Area Love Tribe ... family ... friends ... Thank-you!!!
And to have design/manufacturing friends/community that give me incredible deals to pass on ....

Here's the big score for the holidays...

Lot's of new Citron ... over 500  beautiful pieces... from XS to 4X! (yes they appear to be adding another size). There are also mens shirts.
Also for Men ... Gorgeous fine quality, soft wool designer sweaters.
 We were also gifted off price ... my favorite Pile Ou Face (waterproof) coats.
And I'm not sure we'll get them out by this weekend, though definitely next ... WONDERFUL pieces (coats, jackets, shirts, blouses, dresses, skirts, pants) from Johnny Was, Biya, For Love & Liberty, 3J Workshop, Pete & Greta, Two TenTen Five .. in all sizes to 2X as well as pieces for men.

Jan gave us a great collection of Jan Michaels Jewelry and I picked up the other costume jewelry we ususally carry.
 And All clothing and jewelry (mostly current styles) at
                    Great discounted prices!!
And the usual assortment of gifts and accessories will be coming in weekly.
We have some wonderful recyled decomposable pretty bags now ... and Shaye is creating a fun wrapping station (next week!)


Next week I will send you pictures and discriptions of what's in the shop. Now I'm off to set up shop!
                       In gratitude ...
xoxo Devi

    Joan, Kam, DeviJoan Mark & Devi
Extra 10% For coming out to explore a new area.
Offer Expires: Nov. 31st