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Aloha Love Tribe,
I had an inspiring, fun, productive, spirit filled time last weekend with my SVN (Social Venture Network) community. I brought those of you that eat some meat (killed with respect, the whole process done with consciousness)
a gift ... a Buffalo cranberry bar called the Tanka bar made by the Oglala Lakotas, colleagues doing wonderful work on/with their reservation. They told me they have their spirit stock/holding Buffalo named after our LoveTriber Wavy Gravy ... now you know you will be eating compassion ... and our friend Wavy loves to be eaten ... hmmm ... as in Ice Cream (Ben & Jerrys' Wavy Gravy) ... obviously his name .. then their was that time 37 years ago ... his Birthday, plastic suit with straws, chocolate pudding ... then the bathtub filled with ... well I digress ...
I'm also very excited by another colleague that will begin working with me when I get back. I'll introduce him in a future email. I'm off to China (trust me!)... In the meantime, help us clean out the shop while getting great deals and beautiful treasures. I am not sure when the next event will be or where, but I'll let you know as I know. I'm leaving you with an excerpt from a book of another colleague from SVN Cheri Huber ... this provocative thought, though simple, is very hard to get ...
There is nothing wrong in the universe.
Wrong exists in our limited view.

Oh ... I hear those wonderful activists minds churning ... just a little seed to plant ... a little "time bomb" of compassion
xoxo Devi

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