Happy Halloween!
Outback hours for October
Mondays 12-5 & Thursdays 12-7

Aloha LoveTribe,

For those that missed this last weekend ... here's some more possibilities. We will be open this month on Mondays and Thursdays ... staying late on Thursdays for those that work during the days.
A 30 day notice needed to be given on our current space (opps!)... So we will be there through the month.
In the meantime we are looking at other spaces to build our "Love Temple" and Temple Shop.
Right now ...there
are still many pieces of Citron, Biya, Johnny Was ... some  yummy to wear bamboo and organic cotton pants, shirts, hoodies ... and mens shirts! long sleeve Citron and Johnny Was/3J Workshop ... fun shirts.
In our half off (of half off) room there are some very fun (and extremely inexpensive) Mary Green Lingerie pieces that would be fun for Halloween parties ... Feather trimmed robes, dresses & tops ...  silk PJs and slips, rhinestone slip dresses... beautiful layers.
Halloween is such a fun opportunity to explore, discover and express those parts of our (personal as well as collective) self ... that we normally don't have the social "permission" to express and bring into de-light!
While releasing those creative juices ... pretend (fake it til you make it) that you fully love yourself ... how would you dress you? BeYouToFull...
I'm off on some exciting "work" adventures ... will let you know what unfolds.
                                       xoxo Devi

2703 7th St Berkeley, CA. 94710