Joshua ....inspiration ... presence ... beauty

Alexis had been sending me a bouquet ... flower by flower...
I send them to you ...

My Beloved son, Joshua Dorian, passed away this afternoon in Amy's arms. His suffering is over at last, and he is with God. I imagine him whole and healthy, playing basketball on a heavenly court, dribbling with two hands, laughing. My love to all of you who were so kind and loving during this difficult time. Alexis on Sept. 14

Aloha Love Tribe ...
Light in the dark
light in the darkI learned so much about being present
during illness. There are very few people with the capability to be present, aware, loving when they are in pain.
There is a mastery to being with pain and fear. And an awareness that keeps one from feeling a victim of the circumstance.
shining through
shining throughJoshua knew how to be present with his illness in such a way that it was an amazing experiance of love meeting him ... such a joy. The idea of feeling sorry never came up.
When I first met him after he had his arm removed ... he gave me such a whole, engulfing hug. There was nothing missing...

full blossoming - new growth
full blossoming - new growthThis was also the environment he was raised in... Not taking things or people for granted ... instead ... appreciation.  Alexis was  also always present during his illness. She maintained her appreciation of and presence in, her life and with the people in it. Always wonderful being with her ... throughout this challenge ... still....

Alexis & DeviI will be going to the Memorial  Sunday... a celebration of the spirit and life of this beautiful man. There will be many flowers and many people ... for he touched the lives of many...

Amy               Jim and Alexis
     Amy .. Joshua's love                      Jim and Alexis
Our love and blessings to Amy, now on the next phase of this challenging journey. And to Alexis ... and to Jim, who are so fortunate to have eachother and to know it. And to you our Love Tribe ... thanks for sharing this journey with   us.                                                                   xoxo Devi
PS ... the photos have been taken by Alexis, except the one she's in.