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Opps! My old address  automatically came up in the template I sent last time.... I missed it although many of you caught it. So, no the address on Shellmound is over ... the current address is 2703 7th St. Berkeley.
Well, Obviously some of you don't appreciate getting emails unrelated to the shop, from the 9 spam reports and 15 opt outs.... yet many many more of you have responded with love and blessings and appreciation. Please don't put your friends on our list without their permission, as this can lead to spam reports which harms the delivery.
The following is a message from Alexis...

...My heart is overflowing with all the love your Love Tribe has showered on me, Amy and Josh. The prayers, meditation and offers of assistance, both near and far, are so wonderful! I wish I could respond to every one of them personally.
Re: Joshua ... The tumors are everywhere; he is so thin that they poke right through him.
Josh was admitted late yesterday to UCLA Hospital, Santa Monica. He has pneumonia, and is quite frail. His spirit is, as always, positive and strong.
Please let everyone in your Tribe know how much their support and love means to me and my family. Please share this email/photos with them.  I'll keep you all posted. Please pray for a miracle, a healing, a cessation of the pain; peace for my beautiful, courageous child.


ps. Here's a photo I took of Josh and Amy in happier, healthier times

Amy & JoshuaAmy & Joshua
I received an email from an intuitive that reads planetary energy... she has been speaking of an ascension going on of many loving spirits.One of my friends left a couple of days ago. She always finds the best spots, so there must be some great party on the "other side". Obviously  Josh  has been invited to this party, but  he wants to be here with his loves.
My friend, Anita Roddick, founder of the Body Shop International, departed fairly quickly a couple of nights ago, from an brain hemmorage. It was a miracle that she was with her husband Gordon and her 2 daughters, Sam and Justine, as they are rarely all in the same country, never mind place. 
A link for more info
I've know her for 19 years, and though I've gotten upset with her for
unconscious competitive biz practice, she always listened, respected my
opinion, did it again, listened again ... always appreciating the honesty
and insight. When your in the public light, even when your doing good things, almost especially for doing good things, those things are even more closely scrutinized. Anita never held a grudge. I've been blessed to have spent intimate time with her over the years and time with her last year to see how her beauty and warmth had matured ... our connection deepened. She was her incredibly vibrant, energetic, spunky self to the end. May she enjoy the freedom of her new locale ... she will be greatly missed ... although she left lots of gifts ... a huge mark in our social fabric ... an amazing force of nature.

2703 7th st.
Berkeley, California 94710