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Aloha LoveTribe,
So many exciting,fun, heart exercising and mind expanding times unfolding... An unbelievable flow of synchronisity (even for me!).
Someone asked me in my travels ... am I traveling for Business or for fun? It reminded me of traveling in India 35 years ago and constantly being asked if I was traveling for pleasure or to seek god. Hmmm... well, it's pleasurable to seek God and fun to do business and for me it is all the same thing. 
And this week at the Mini Temple Shop are some new finds from my travels along with the SALE of the Citron, Mary Green, Johny Was, Biya, For Love and Liberty, Ten  Ten Five ... 50% Off!!! already greatly reduced clothing. Time to make room for the new stock as it is a teeny (although growing) shop. I was asked to come up with a small shop model last week (see China below) ... hmmm well, here we are working on it.
Las Vegas
Partners, Players, Treasures
Las Vegas New YorkI went looking for treasures for our mini-temple, sourcing for production of my new lines and to check out outlets for wholesale sales.
I found treasure troves of beautiful off price clothing. One line coming inby the end of next week, is the line HT Naturals, Bamboo and organic cotton basic sportswear at 25-50% off reg. prices.
I found special knitting machines I thought were extinct to produce the unique Jacquard knits I love to create.
I found factories that could recreate some of the most beautiful fabrics  from my vintage collection.
I've been invited to China by a Chinese American who put on the sourcing and Eco-show. He has partnered with the "Donald Trump" of China and would like to franchise my clothing and message of compassion, beginning with the "outer" environmental messages and slowly, when the time is ripe ... the message of love, compassion, respect for all. I haven't signed on, but will check it out .... hmmm ... interesting...
I found charcoal bamboo products ... far infared ... that I've been testing and so far like very much. That improve circulation, increase metabolism, improve immune system, fat loss around the middle, heal cracked heels ... I will have samples for you to try at the shop. Along with whats been touted as the best fitting pants, beautiful skirt sets, fun accessories ... like these boxer top "boy shorts" , a bra strap soution ENOUGH FOR NOW... Come visit us!

My favorite place to have business meetings
The green theme and peoples interpretations were interesting. For me it was getting coached on my business plan ... Someone came up to Robert and gave him a pin "Pink is the new Green" (he was wearing a pink shirt) and it was exactly what I was trying to say.
 As we (collectively) become more aware of the source (inner environment) of our relationship with our "outer environment" (the earth), the environmental movement will begin to place more focus on our interconnectedness and the awareness that compassion is at the "heart" of {the} matter.                                             Crude Awakening
This  Art instillation was an interesting paradox? This photo is part of a panorama that Robert shot and collaged. He will have a series of 30 panoramas from this years Burningman,that I will send you a link to when they are online.
This instillation was an Oil rig with these beautiful sculptures of six people in different (worhipping?) relationships to it. On the last night it was "blown up" with the largest fire ball ever. It looked like an atomic mushroom of fire. This expression took a huge "carbon offset."  Was it "green" ? "pink"? art?  Should it be judged ... I think critiqued. There were other "discrepancies". They put someone in jail that burned The Man prematurely. The people responsible  for this action were responsible not to hurt anyone ... it was a statement ... was it green? pink? art?
A friend of mine told me at Burningman, about a jewel carpet he was now responsible for that has only been seen publicly 3 times in the last 200 years and was made out of thousands of pearls, diamonds, rubies, gold ... is that "green" ? pink? art?  Is art green? pink? purple?                                              

This week Shaye, Diva, Tashi and I will be assisting you... and if any of you are interested in dressing the goddess (and a few Gods) let me know.
Look forward to seeing some of you this coming week.
                          xoxo Devi