In the Temple of Venus                                

Alexis & DeviAloha Love Tribe

With the light of summer, I am feeling a resurgence of a lightness of being.   Even friends in seriously challenging situations are finding them bearable and their spirits stronger. As one of my challenged friends quoted a Buddhist saying, Life is (can be) pain, suffering is optional.
I am in a whirlwind of activity and very psyched about what's been unfolding for me... A more permanent homebase and workbase after a year and a half "on the road", an exciting business plan unfolding with a wonderful family of friends and co-creators.
I'm going to LA tomorrow to pick up a few (well maybe a thousand) new garments for the sale event and for the community of women I've been serving for the last 13 years at the Michigan Women's Music Festival. And we are being sent another 1000 new pieces from Mary Green Lingerie.
On Thursday we will be selling the rest of the current merchandise marked WAY down ... great deals ... to make room for the new.
We will be having the New sale event at the same mini Temple shop space PLUS we will be renting a much larger space in this complex for the bulk of the clothing.
For those of you more seasoned LoveTribe members ... Amira will be coming from LA to host this event with me... YEAH!, along with Tashi and other currently unknown goddesses.
50% or more off lowest marked price!(75%-90% off reg. retail)

Thursday we will be clearing out the rest of the current merchandise to make room for the new.

Thursday July 26th

New Citron, Johnny Was, For Love and Liberty, Biya, Pete & Greta, Mary Green Lingerie and more!

New Clothing at our Mini Temple Shop and fun addtional space. 
Sunday July 29th
First day is 1st pick but not as well "put together"
Thurs., Friday and Sat.
August 2, 3, 4

Alexis & Devi ActivSpace 2703 7th Street,  Located on half a city block between Pardee & Carleton on 7th Street in SW Berkeley Were are in space #103 and in space around the corner on Pardee.
We look forward to seeing many of you soon! xoxo Devi
                              Alexis & Devi