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Mini Temple Shop
Amore Jacket
This photo of Shaye and I was taken by Alexis Fancher ... she also had taken the photo of Robert kissing me in the last email. She's part of my kissin cousin tribe and a great photographer.

Save 25% Off all (already discounted)clothing...
Citron, Johnny Was, 3J Workshop, Love and Liberty, Biya, Nataya and LOTS of Mary Green lingerie.

Aloha LoveTribe ...
After our last Sale event a couple of women that couldn't make the sale asked to come by. I had stored the clothes in Shaye's small gallery, which I opened for them. It worked ... we had fun, they found treasures and Shaye offered me her space as she was moving to the city. So ...
Outback's Mini Temple Shop
Opens this Tues. & Thurs
6/26 & 6/28  hours: 12-6ish
Tashi Lhamo will be opening this mini shop for a couple of days next week. It will be interesting to see what the other end of the spectrum is like ... from large to tiny. We will be selling the rest of the current merchandise at 25% off (already way discounted) and then we'll see .... maybe 1 more day at 50% off after that.
2703 7th Street

Alexis & Devi


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Amore Jacket
Shari peeking behind a giant flower, while she invites fairies to hop on.


Tashi Lhamo wanted to
let those who knew about her surgery, know, how great she is doing and feeling. Her doctor said she is a star patient, with the best and fastest recovery he has ever seen. She has lost a third of the weight she is wanting to lose and is having fun dressing her new and changing body.
Summer of Love Walkabout
Last weeks walkabout began with an interview for the Swiss National Radio Station on The Summer of Love 1967, 40 years ago. And how these values have integrated with my life. Definately setting the theme for this summer.
That afternoon I went to the Health and Harmony Festival, hanging out with my "hippy" love tribe gathering there. Then I went to Fat Dog's (hippy) ranch in Sonoma, to Wavy and Jahanara's Camp Winnarainbow... adult camp ... towards the fun!
Then went to Fortuna to visit my "first  love", at age 3 and then again at 16 - 19. That's Paris with me in the photo ... our moms were best friends and his dad stepped in ocassionaly when I needed a dad. We hadn't seen eachother in 21 years ... Wow time warp! Also met his awesome "main squeeze" Rosemary "Odie" who took this picture.
After "California Dreamng" in New York, my family moved to California in 1967.  Paris was there at the airport and introduced me over the next couple of years to love as family, as friend, and as lover. He introduced me to "turning on and tuning in", to camping, redwoods (my favorite!) and Arcata (where I had a store for 9 years). I realized as I was driving away ... it was 40 years ago that day. And we always only had love for eachother.... even if our paths only crossed a bit here and there. A testimony to allowing & discovering the form of the relationship, instead of trying to make it fit some standard form.
Where were you that summer of love?
Then I went to visit Ruby Moon in Corvalis ... she maintains the creative clothing  retail therapy lovezone there for 33 years. And we've maintained our relationship for over 20.
It's been interesting experiancing how quickly the last 40 years went by, yet how much fits into a week!

Wild Beauty at Wild Thyme Farm
Fairie Land
I'm currently up at the farm in Washington. Orchestrated by John with the input of many talented people over the years... a gorgeous mix of permaculture, orchards, berry patches, vegetable gardens, sustainable forestry, trails, meadows, bungalows, barns ... wonderful community of people, fairies, nature spirits and animals ... and lot's of birds, bees and insects that are building, co-creating this paradise.
A perfect place for me to water the seeds of the next incarnation of Outback. Weaving together the threads ... the warp of love, beauty, inspiration, enchantment, nurturing comfort, trust ... the weft of  clothing, temples - homes - stores, playful workshops, manufacturing with the awareness of it's impact on nature, business plans, financial planning. Designing the business, the temple, the rainment.
I'm designing with Shari in her studio here at the farm. We're having fun!
Right now, Shari is packing up a couple of carloads of giant fabric flowers to gather with the fairies from all over, of all ages at the Fairie congregation this  weekend. Morgan played his flute as they invited the farm fairies to hop aboard a giant flower and go with them for the weekend.
Being in this beautiful nature... gorgeous flowers in effervescent bloom, with nature spirits, with Shari ... Do you feel like wearing (yes, Kate and Catherine) fairie clothing? By the time they get to you they will be beautiful, elegant, comfortable, flattering ... fairie streetwear. With an occasional adventurous fairie hiding in a pocket...

Robert is joining me here ... and Diva and my "grand dogs" Nilkko & Henry are coming for some farm magic too ... yeah!
I'll be here a couple more weeks ... with a short walkabout to Orcas Island, visiting some amazing friends ... teamates. And then make my way back to the Bay where I will lay down the magic carpet I've been weaving and set up shop.
Thank-you for coming along on this journey with me.
                                xoxo Devi